The Biggest Red Flags Signaling a Fencing Scam

In the age of the internet, being a smart consumer is more important than ever. Every day, the number of home improvement scams are increasing, and more and more customers are finding themselves duped into spending too much money on subpar fencing contractors in Montgomery County. Your fencing is an investment in your home or business, isn’t it worth the time to make sure that you’re dealing with a reliable company that will get the job done right?

Finding the right company to install your fencing can be difficult, but watching out for these common red flags will help you to be a smart consumer and avoid a fencing scam.

  • They don’t have any customer testimonials to speak of. Legitimate fencing companies in Philadelphia want to share their work with you. They’ll have no problem guiding you to reviews or giving you the chance to read previous customers testimonials on their work. Before you start to negotiate the fencing that you’d like done on your property, ask the company to show you previous customer testimonials or search for the company on a trusted review site like Angie’s List or Google Reviews. If the company can’t show you either of these, it’s likely that they’ve got something to hide.


  • They don’t engage with their customers through email. The best fencing companies will provide you with a number of means to contact them. They want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about their company, so they will regularly respond to emails, calls and inquiry forms. If the company you’re speaking to refuses to communicate via email or social media, it may be because they want to keep promises from being written down, which is a common scam technique.


  • They don’t have a physical address. The way that most scams operate is this: they blow into town offering too-good-to-be-true prices, deliver shoddy work and then rush out of the area before you can complain. If the company you’re dealing with refuses to give you a physical location where you can visit them, you’re probably speaking to scammers.


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Why Adding a Fence around Your Pool Is Important

Perhaps you added a new pool this summer or are considering one for next year. In either case, it is important to understand why every homeowner that has a pool needs a fence. A pool is supposed to be your getaway where you go to relax and cool off after a long day of work or school. There shouldn’t be any stress involved with owning a pool, but those that choose to not install a fence around their pool are putting themselves at risk.

For over 20 years, our fence company in Philadelphia has been helping our customers with their fencing needs, and we do that by offering a variety of fences. What helps set us apart from the competition is the personalized service and touch we put on every project. Some of the fencing styles we offer are PVC, chain link, aluminum and wood. Any of these options would go great around a pool, and we are happy to help you pick the style that fits your home.

Having a pool can already be a lot of work, so there is no reason to add more stress to your life. The reasons to add a fence around a pool are endless, and here some of the reasons we think it is important:

Safety – Owning a pool is a huge responsibility, and if you have little kids or pets, there is no reason not to have a fence. A fence can add protection to make sure that kids or pets can play without worrying about falling into the pool.

Accidents happen, but they can be completely avoided by simply adding a fence to your yard. With one of our beautiful fences, you can increase the value of your home while securing the ones that mean the most in your life.

Convenience – It is hard to leave your home and not be nervous if you don’t have a fence to protect your pool. When you do have one, all you have to do is lock it before you head out. This saves a few steps and provides peace of mind every time you leave the house. This is another simple, but extremely valuable part of surrounding your pool with a fence.

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The Advantages of Chain Link Fencing

Through chain link fencing may not be the most aesthetically pleasing fencing style, it is a durable and reliable option if you have an area that requires protection from intruders. At Greenhill Fencing Inc., one of the top fencing companies in Philadelphia, we have found that the people who will most benefit from chain link fencing are businesses and those in the security field.

A chain link fence, sometimes called a hurricane or cyclone fence, is made from interlocking steel wires that link to form chains in a diamond weave pattern. This repeating pattern makes chain linking one of the most durable types of fencing, which is why the material is commonly used in airport security, on government bases and in correctional facilities.

Through chain link fences are typically 3-to-12 feet high, they can be specially made to be much taller, unlike other types of fencing. However, installation requires professional planning and superior patience, so it’s best to contact a company specialized in chain link fence installation in Philadelphia instead of embarking on the installation alone.

Chain link fencing is also appealing to consumers because of its low cost and maintenance. The cost is significantly lower than other fencing options and provides more bang for your buck when it comes to securing your property, making it a particularly great option for business owners looking to find safe places to cut operational costs. The fencing is quick to install if managed by a professional, and you won’t have to worry about any upkeep once the fence is installed; chain linking may not be the winner of the fencing beauty pageant, but it can take a massive amount of environmental beating without needing to be repainted or sanded.

Chain link fencing is a safe and sturdy option to keep your business or property safe, but it’s best to consult with a professional before making any permanent decisions. Call us today, and we’ll get you a meeting with one of our experts in fence installation.

How Fences Can Make Your Home More Child-Safe

Many new parents are moving to the suburbs and buying homes, so their little ones have room to run and play; however, living in the suburbs can be dangerous if young children have too much free reign or live too close to a road or highway. Fencing companies in Philadelphia have seen an increase in the number of parents concerned about their toddlers running where they aren’t supposed to be, and for good reason.

If you are moving into a home with a medium or large yard, contacting an experienced fence company in Philadelphia can allow your child to explore the world around him or her while also giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing there is a protective barrier between them and danger. Fencing does more than keep your child from leaving your yard; it also deters stray dogs and strangers from entering your yard as well.

If you have a pool, it becomes especially essential that you have the right fencing. Small children, both yours and those who live in the surrounding neighborhood, frequently wander too close to pools and fall into them. If an adult isn’t around, this can quickly become a deadly situation for young toddlers. If you are even thinking of installing a pool or large pond in your yard, it’s crucial that you contact a fencing company for a consultation on what type of fencing will keep your children and those around you safe.

Fence installers in Philadelphia can help you to choose the type of fencing most suitable to your tastes, the design of your home, and your needs. Contact our professional fencing company today, and help make your home a little bit safer for your curious little one.

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Choosing Which Kind of Stain to Use for Your Fence


Nothing beats the natural look of wooden fencing! While providing a comfortable and safe environment where you can spend time with family and entertain guests, wooden fences also work to improve the curb appeal of your home, as they blend in nicely with other unique features of your landscaping.

Yet, all the advantages of the organic style do come along with downfalls; the wood will eventually deteriorate due to the sun, wind and all kinds of saturating weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to prolong the life of your fence by reapplying a seal. Below, we discuss the differences between stains:

1. Solid fence stains usually last about three years. If you’re not opposed to using a product that covers up the wood grain, and you’d like to avoid having to reapply a seal every year, this is a perfect option. However, considering how these stains are opaque, they come along with many of the same issues as paint; after enduring continuous exposure to various weather conditions, they’ll begin to peel, crack and chip.

2. Semi-transparent fence stains don’t cover up the natural wood grain as much as solid fence stains, making them a great choice for cedar or other types of wood with a beautiful, natural finish. They’re not as weather resistant as solid stains, though, so you’ll need to reapply about every two years. As one of the best fence companies in Philadelphia, we’ve recommended semi-transparent fence stains to customers who really love the look of natural wood grains, but are willing to cover them up just a little bit to ensure it stands strong for as long as possible.

3. Clear deck and fence stains have little or no pigment, or water repellents. If you’re main goal is to showcase the natural wood grain of your fence, you should go with this one. You’ll need to reapply this type of stain every year. Even though you’ll perform a yearly reapplication, it’s important to remember that your fence will still eventually turn gray. Since most of these stains are made with ultraviolet inhibitors, which helps to increase the lifespan of your fence, it’ll take years before sun damage begins to show.

Restore the natural beauty of your wooden fencing by sealing it this spring!

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