4 Reasons to Install a New Fence

Even people with the nicest neighbors in the world still like the added privacy that comes from a fence. A simple fence can help make people feel a lot more comfortable on their property


At Greenhill Fencing Inc., the top fence company in Philadelphia, we’ve seen an increase of calls for homeowners looking to make their home more secure. Here are four of the most common reasons homeowners reach out to us for new fence installations.




Many of the calls we see are from parents who may have just had a child or families with young kids. Anyone with children knows how dangerous it is to take your eyes off a young child for just a second. A sturdy fence can allow young ones to run freely throughout a yard without worry. A fence can help keep your children from wandering off and unwanted guests wandering in.




Did you get a new puppy? Give them the most space possible to wander throughout the yard. A new fence can also help keep stray and outdoor cats from strolling throughout your backyard.


Noise Reduction


While having friends over for a few drinks laughs may sound like a fun time, it may not be the best time for your neighbors. You’d be surprised how much noise can be reduced by having a fence around your yard. This can lead to a better relationship with your neighbor.




Anyone who is thinking about getting a pool installed on their property has to invest in a new fence. A fence around a pool will help keep your children and neighborhood safe. Neighborhood kids and animals may be unaware of your pool and accidentally fall in.


No matter what reason you’re looking to get a new fence installed this spring; you’ve come to the right place. As one of the top fencing companies in Chester County, PA, our crew here at Greenhill Fencing, Inc. can get provide you with a brand new fence this spring. Give us a call at 267-329-3005 for a free estimate today.


How to Make Your Home More Appealing to Families

Is your home located in a great school district? Does it have a spacious backyard that’s perfect for a swing set? Do your own children have fond memories of playing and running in your home? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, selling your home this spring for the maximum amount possible may mean making a special appeal to families.


Like with most products available for sale, targeting a specific segment of the market can help you see more serious buyers and avoid wasting your time showing to potential buyers who are looking for a different type of property than what you have for sale. Read on to learn three ways that you can help improve your home’s appeal with families and parents who are looking for a place to raise their children:


  • Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. If you feel strongly that your home would be a great fit for a family, think about why that is. Firsthand experience with teachers in the district, particularly friendly neighbors, or a local club that takes great pride in the community are all personal touches that potential buyers will enjoy hearing about. Think about your favorite parts of your home and community, and write them down for buyers who come to visit your property.


  • Childproof your interior. Parents who visit your property will be on the lookout for potential hazards that may endanger their little ones, so take some time to “childproof” the inside of your home. Ensure that all locks are working, stairways are equipped with sturdy railings, and gates and doors are present to prevent children from falling down flights of stairs in your home.


  • Minimize risk from your exterior. One of the biggest factors that parents look for when considering which homes to buy is the yard. If you have a large backyard on your property, you will already be able to fetch a higher price for your home. However, parents want to make sure that the house they raise their children in is as safe as possible. If you do not already have a fence installed on your property, adding one with the help of Bucks County fence contractors can help you to better appeal to parents.


Greenhill Fencing, one of the leading fencing companies in Delaware County, is here to help any homeowners who are looking to sell their property this coming spring! Give our team a call today at 267-329-3005 to learn more about the many fencing options that can increase the value of your property today!

5 Reasons Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Install a New Fence

Have you noticed that you need to wear your winter coat less and less often these days? After a harsh winter, spring is finally right around the corner! Fence contractors in Doylestown, like those working for Greenhill Fencing, Inc., are excited for warm weather so they can help more families find the benefits of installing a fence ahead of the spring season!

Why should you invest in a fence before spring arrives? Five good reasons include:

  • Fencing allows pets more freedom. When spring weather rolls around, your cat or dog will want to run and play outdoors after a winter of being cooped up inside! Fencing allows you to give your pets a little more freedom on your property without having to worry about chasing them out of your neighbor’s yard!


  • Fencing keeps strays away. Spring is the season for animals and pets to return from hibernation! Keeping stray cats, dogs, rats, and squirrels out of your yard is much easier with fencing, which is especially useful during the spring season when animals are searching for new places to build nests.


  • Fencing increases your property value. Did you know that spring is the most common time of year for homeowners to put their houses up for sale? Fencing can help your property stand out against a sea of homes for sale, and it increases curbside value.


  • Fencing keeps kids safer. Everyone with a small child knows that if you blink, they can get halfway across the lawn. Fencing keeps children safer and under the watchful eye of parents, and it can be especially useful if you live near a busy road.


  • Spring is fencing weather. Summers can get hot and there’s always the chance of thunderstorms, and winters can come along with blistering snowstorms. Both extreme forecasts can slow down your fence installation in Chester County, PA, and neighboring communities, which ties up your backyard for longer periods of time. The spring season is more mild, meaning that your fence will be up in no time!


Spring is the perfect time for fence installation! If you’ve been considering investing in a fence for your property, give Greenhill Fencing, Inc. a call today at 267-329-3005 to get started preparing for the best spring yet!

The History of the White Picket Fence

Nothing says the American dream quite as well as the classic white picket fence. While everyone wants the crisp, clean white picket fence in their yard, not many people know the origin of this classic design choice.

While the white picket fence is largely considered to be one of the most solidly American design choices you can make, the truth is that the design originated during the colonial period when the budding United States was still a ruled by Great Britain.

As settlers made their way over to claim their plot of land, those who held a significant amount of property and land began to erect picket fences to keep thieves and neighboring farm animals off their land. The most wealthy landowners painted their fence white because it was considered a symbol of wealth. After all, to have a large plot of land fenced in with a clean white fence, you’d have to have enough money to employ a servant to continuously be painting the fence to ensure that it did not lose its color.

As America gained its independence and land ownership became more diverse, a budding middle class adopted the white picket and made it their own. Its relatively simple design meant that those with little woodworking experience could handle the job most of the time. As plots of land became smaller, painting became a job that could be completed in a matter of hours instead of days.

While the meaning of the white picket fence has changed over time, the fact that this classic choice is as old as America itself still rings true to its popularity to this day.

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