The History of the White Picket Fence

Nothing says the American dream quite as well as the classic white picket fence. While everyone wants the crisp, clean white picket fence in their yard, not many people know the origin of this classic design choice.

While the white picket fence is largely considered to be one of the most solidly American design choices you can make, the truth is that the design originated during the colonial period when the budding United States was still a ruled by Great Britain.

As settlers made their way over to claim their plot of land, those who held a significant amount of property and land began to erect picket fences to keep thieves and neighboring farm animals off their land. The most wealthy landowners painted their fence white because it was considered a symbol of wealth. After all, to have a large plot of land fenced in with a clean white fence, you’d have to have enough money to employ a servant to continuously be painting the fence to ensure that it did not lose its color.

As America gained its independence and land ownership became more diverse, a budding middle class adopted the white picket and made it their own. Its relatively simple design meant that those with little woodworking experience could handle the job most of the time. As plots of land became smaller, painting became a job that could be completed in a matter of hours instead of days.

While the meaning of the white picket fence has changed over time, the fact that this classic choice is as old as America itself still rings true to its popularity to this day.

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3 Reasons Why a New Fence is the Perfect Gift to Give Yourself This Holiday

As the holiday season approaches, you’re probably busy running around and making sure that you have the right gift for everyone on your “nice” list this winter. You’ve had a busy year; don’t you deserve a gift as well?

If you’ve been thinking about installing a new fence on your property but just haven’t had time to make the call yet to our fence contractors in Doylestown, then the holiday season is the perfect time to treat yourself to a present that will last for years to come.

Here are three reasons why a new fence is the perfect gift to give yourself for all of your hard work this year!

  • It can help block out noise. If your winter wish is to have a more peaceful and quiet sleep at night, privacy fencing is the gift for you. Privacy fencing from Greenhill Fencing, Inc. can help block out noises from surrounding traffic, your neighbor’s pets and even just local noise, giving you a more peaceful yard.
  • It makes your property look great. Is your yard looking a little dull or drab? A white wooden fence can bring a whole new look to your property! From the classic picket design to the gothic scallop style, a fence is a fashionable and functional way to redesign your home.
  • Everyone benefits from a new fence. A brand new fence doesn’t just benefit you. Everyone in your home gets to reap the benefits that your new fencing will provide- making it a gift for everyone in the house!


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3 Reasons You Might Want a Privacy Fence

If you’re like most people, you probably like to keep your home private from the neighbors. Most people like to feel safe and secure in their home, and no one wants to feel like they’re being watched when they’re relaxing in their backyard. We see more and more requests for privacy fence installations for a number of reasons.

Here are three of the most common reasons that our team at Greenhill Fencing, Inc., one of the top fencing companies in Philadelphia, believes that homeowners want to install a privacy fence in their yard.

  • Protection for small children. Any parent can tell you that kids tend to wander off. Taking your eyes off a toddler for as little as a few seconds is enough to let themselves get into trouble. A privacy fence helps to keep families safe by preventing children from wandering off your property.


  • Noise reduction and protection from pets. Do your neighbors have a dog that just won’t seem to stop barking? What about a cat that enjoys taking a stroll into your lawn to agitate your pets? Privacy fencing provides better noise reduction from loud pets and will prevent stray animals from being able to enter your yard.


  • Pool safety. If you have a pool, common sense dictates that you need a fence to keep your home and neighborhood children safe. A privacy fence prevents tree-climbing animals from jumping into your yard and pool, while also providing a barricade that keeps neighborhood children from accidentally falling into your pool.


No matter what your motivation, our team at Greenhill Fencing, Inc. can provide you with the fencing that you need to keep your home and your family safe and comfortable this season.

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Our Dedication to Providing Quality Fencing Services


If you’ve been comparing fencing companies in Philadelphia and deciding who deserves your business, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options that are available to you.

As a smart consumer, you know that the best way to make sure that you’re getting the best quality service and products available is to do your research, but after a while, it can be tempting to give in and choose the first fencing company that you encounter.

Instead of just going with any business installing fences in the area, why not trust the fence contractors in Montgomery County that have gained a reputation as a community staple thanks to their outstanding customer service and commitment to excellence?

At Greenhill Fencing, Inc., we’ve enjoyed over 20 years of serving our community, and look forward to many more years of providing residents of Philadelphia and Montgomery County with the fencing services that they need to protect their yards and their families. Steve DiGiuseppe Jr., founder of this locally-owned business, is a third-generation fencer, who spent the majority of his life learning all about the best practices of fencing from his father and uncle.

This familial understanding and teaching of fencing has led the owner and operator of Greenhill Fencing to have an intimate understanding of not only the best types of fencing for each individual need but also how important it is to remain available and open to your customers. DiGiuseppe is proud to be available 24 hours a day to his clients to make sure that members of his own community get the quality fencing that they deserve.

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Why Are There Holes in My Fence? Three Insects That Might be Eating Your Wooden Fence


Pennsylvania might be known for its lush wooded areas and natural beauty, but experienced fence contractors in Montgomery County also know that this beautiful fall foliage also brings with it a group of uninvited guests – insects. Wood-boring pests can be especially dangerous during the fall because the holes they dig leave your fence exposed to the wind and rain of hurricane season, which can eventually lead to rot and repairs. If you’re noticing a bunch of little holes in your wooden fence, here are three pests that are likely to blame.

  • Termites. Termites are the most famous wood-loving insect, and they love warm and humid areas – meaning that Pennsylvania at the end of summer is the perfect place for them to lay eggs. Termites have a straight body, and most people describe them as looking like “white ants.” The average termite colony eats 13 pounds of wood a year!


  • Carpenter ants. Carpenter ants have a body that’s about half an inch long, and can often be seen at night when they forage for food. They usually invade wood that’s already been damaged by rot, so an infestation of carpenter ants usually requires fencing companies in Philadelphia to replace the section of the fence that has been infested with a new panel or panels.


  • Wood-boring beetles. There are many different species of beetles that live off wood, and they can usually be distinguished by the small hole that they leave behind when they dig into the wood of a fence. Beetles can be particularly dangerous because their holes are small, yet the eggs they lay inside the wood will feed off the fence for months to come.


The bottom line? Keep a lookout for holes in your fence – catching an insect problem earlier can lead to a quicker and less expensive fix than putting it off until later down the line. If you have any questions about fencing, or if you’re looking to install or renovate a fence, please feel free to contact us at 267-329-3005 or visit our website at