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Benefits of Aluminum Pool Fencing

Did you just install an in ground pool for the summer and need a fence around the outside? Or maybe you just need a replacement for your existing pool fence. Fences are important in pool areas, especially for families that have pets or young children who could be harmed if they accidentally fell in the pool. Make sure pool fences are at least 48 inches high with a bottom rung no more than 3 inches from the ground. The taller a pool fence is, the more secure it will be. Aluminum fences are a common choice for pool fences because they’re very affordable and require little maintenance compared to similar but more expensive wrought-iron fences.

Before installation, the first step is to make sure the planned fence complies with all local building codes and any pool fence codes enacted by homeowners’ organizations. Gates must have self-closing hinges and must be self-latching so it is impossible to leave the gate open and pose a threat to small children or animals. The handle that unlatches the gate should be at least 54 inches high so children will not be able to reach it.

Aluminum fencing requires almost no maintenance, which is especially convenient for folks with busy lives who need a fence that will withstand the harsh winter weather and be ready for next summer. Don’t use wrought iron, which needs frequent attention, or wood, which can rot and crack over time. Aluminum will almost always be fine when left alone outdoors. If an aluminum fence does get damaged, it is very simple to fix. The parts are screwed together rather than welded, so replacing warped or bent crossbars or posts takes little time and labor.