A Guide to Painting Your Fence This Summer

Summer is an ideal time of year to paint your fence. The warmer temperatures and sunnier days allow the wood to breathe and dry out without the worry of constant winds and rains. As one of the most reputable fence contractors in Montgomery County, we’re proud to advise our current and potential customers on the best ways to approach fence painting this summer.

Things You Will Need for Fence Painting


Once you’ve decided to paint your fence, you will need to pick a color and choose what paints you are going to use carefully. Make sure that any paints you consider are explicitly designed for exterior wood; this will ensure that it’s durable and can be wiped clean with ease. Using a primer before you paint will help to increase the lifespan of the wood, meaning you probably won’t need to repaint your fence for a long time.

Brushes or Spray Equipment

If you intend to paint by hand, we recommend purchasing a selection of high-quality paint brushes. Certain types of trellis can be hard to brush by hand and time-consuming. Therefore, it may speed up the process if you invest in a power sprayer or pump. Using a power sprayer may also help you to achieve a better finish. However, make sure the paint that you use has been formulated to be used these specific tools.

Optimum Conditions

It’s perfect for painting your fence on a summer day that is warm, dry, and with little or no wind at all. So check the weather forecast before setting your panels out for painting.

Surface Preparation

For bare wood, lightly sand the surface to improve the paint’s adhesion. Fill any cracks or holes with a suitable filler. Also, fix any signs of decay or damage. After cleaning and repairing the timber, wait until it dries and rub it down with sandpaper until it feels smooth.

For previously painted wood, lightly sand the surface with P240g sandpaper before painting. If the old paint is cracked or showing signs of decay, it should be fixed up entirely before painting.

The Painting Process

Remove or cover all nearby plants and objects that may get splashed with paint. Apply a layer of primer to all panels and allow 16 hours for them to dry, then paint your fence evenly with your chosen tool. Start at the top and work down the fence panels, making sure that all areas are covered in paint.

After allowing 4-12 hours for the paint to dry, apply a second coat of paint if one is required. Once the paint has completely dried, remove any covering from nearby objects, clean your brushes and painting equipment, and admire your beautiful handiwork.

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Games to Play With Your Kids in Your Backyard This Summer

Children are naturally curious and drawn to playing outside among nature. There are several benefits to outdoor play: It gives children the chance to explore new environments, develop their muscles and coordination, and strengthen their self-confidence. As the leading provider of fence installation in Chester County, PA, we help to secure outdoor areas so children can enjoy recreational activities.

We’ve listed some of our favorite games below to inspire outdoor activities with your children:

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is popular with children of all ages, keeping them engaged and active for hours on end. This game is generally played in a large backyard area or field. Kids split into two teams, each defending their flag. Flags can be any items from footballs to stuffed toys, with the object of the game being that one side manages to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their home base without anybody tagging them. Any players that stray into their opponent’s territory risk getting tagged and frozen out of the game for some time.

Freeze Tag

Freeze tag is a classic game for energetic kids to enjoy. One child is ‘It’ and must catch other children to ‘freeze’ them by tapping them on the shoulder. The ‘frozen’ player can only move once another player has tagged them. Alternatively, this game can be set to music: all children can run around as much as they want until the music stops, at which point they must freeze. The first person to move becomes ‘It’ and has the opportunity to control the music for the next round.


For children who enjoy basketball, this is an excellent opportunity for them to practice. This game requires two or more players, with each player taking turns to shoot at a basketball hoop. Every time a player misses a shot, they must take one letter from H, O, R, S, and E. Once a player misses five shots and spells out HORSE, they have lost and are knocked out of the game.

Nine Pin

This form of outdoor bowling has been popular for centuries and is still popular today. For this game, you can use almost any object to act as a pin and set up nine pins. Next, bowl a plastic ball at them that is heavy enough to knock them over. Players will receive a set amount of points for each pin that they successfully knockdown, with the person achieving the highest score being crowned the winner.

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3 Things You Need to Consider Before Installing a Fence

Tips to Keep the Process Secure and Professional

Advice from Experienced Fencing Professionals

Before installing a fence there are several factors that all homeowners should take into consideration. Here at Greenhill Fencing, Inc., we’ve spent two decades building our legacy as a premium fence installer in Chester County, PA, and the surrounding areas. We’ve decided to list three of the most important factors for our existing and future customers to peruse at their convenience.

Why Install a Fence?

Residential fencing can seriously enhance the aesthetics of a property; they are also excellent for creating privacy. That being said, there is a fair deal of planning that goes into a successful fence installation. Fencing has to be sturdy, durable, good looking and professionally installed.

Who Will Install Your New Fence?

If quality is something you’re striving for, it’s highly recommended that you work with a professional fence installation company when having a quality fence constructed on or around your property. Experienced professionals can help to keep costs down, while eliminating damage and risk to your property and its landscape. By consulting with a team of professionals, you can be confident that your new fence and property will look perfect once the job is completed.

Have You Identified Your Correct Property Perimeter Lines?

Arguments can arise with the neighbors when it comes to overstepping property lines during fence installations. To avoid such problems, it makes sense to have a discussion with your landlord or real estate agent to find out exactly what land belongs to you before fencing construction begins. Please bear in kind, when it comes to residential fencing, different jurisdictions may require your fence to be set at two, four, six, or eight inches away from the property line.

Have You Considered Fence Sizing and Materials?

Do you want to use a traditional fencing material such as wood or PVC, or were you looking to branch out to something more exotic like supply chain link or vinyl? Is your fence going to sit at a height that keeps pets from escaping/entering your property perimeter? These are important questions to ask yourself before beginning your fence installation project.

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Should I Install a Fence this Spring? Here are a Few Reasons Why You Should

Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring this year. You know what that means — time to think about your spring cleaning projects. Of course, this means cleaning out your house, getting rid of those old shirts you don’t need, and giving the tub a good scrub, but what about taking on bigger home-improvement projects?

If you’ve been considering installing a fence the past few years and just haven’t gotten around to it, it’s time for you to think about all of the benefits you’ll experience just this spring, let alone the rest of the year.

Backyard BBQs

Picture this: You’re in your backyard grilling, enjoying the sun and the anticipation of a tasty meal. It’s just you, the world, and your grill. Then, all of a sudden, the neighborhood kids come outside to play. They start throwing the football, and you experience a couple of near misses with the pigskin whizzing past your head. Not so peaceful anymore, huh?

Avoid this problem with a fence. It’ll keep your happy place peaceful and prevent those unpredictable footballs from smacking you in the noggin.

Kids and Pets Have Free Rein

If you have children or a dog, and you live in a highly populated area or near a busy street, it’s likely that you’re hesitant to let them play in the yard. When you install a fence with one of your local fence companies in Delaware County, you’ll immediately experience relief when you tell your child that they can go out in the yard and play or when you let your dog off its lease to run about freely.

Get the Privacy You Need

The main purpose of a fence is to give you privacy from your neighbors and other people around you. As much as you might love the neighbors who live to your left and right, we have all had experiences with that nosy neighbor who always seems to be looking your way whenever you turn your head. With a fence, this is no more! Get that personal, private time back by calling our fencing company in Delaware County.

When you contact Greenhill Fencing, Inc., you will be greeted by a friendly and reliable customer service representative that will assist in scoping out your project and giving you an idea of when one of our installation specialists can make it out to your home.

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