Tips For Keeping Your Aluminum Fence in Great Condition

As summer turns to fall, you still have a few more weeks of pleasant outdoor weather to look forward to. This means you still have time to spend in the backyard, so you want to keep up the best appearance possible, especially if you’re having guests. With years of experience with fence installation in the Philadelphia area, the team at Greenhill Fencing knows the best way to keep your aluminum fence looking great at all times. Continue reading

Landscaping Ideas for Your Fence Line

Here at Greenhill Fencing, Inc., we’re often asked for suggestions on how to landscape a fence line after we complete an installation. As the most reputable fence installers in Philadelphia, we’ve pooled together some ideas on fence line landscaping and created a piece as a resource for our customers. Below are some tips to help you decide on the best fence line landscaping ideas for your outdoor area:

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How You Can Protect Your Wooden Fence Posts From Rotting

Over time, wooden fence posts can start to rot and deteriorate due to prolonged exposure to moisture from the surrounding soil. As these posts lose their structural integrity, fences can collapse, and posts may need replacing. As one of the most experienced and reputable fence companies in Philadelphia, PA, we’ve created this blog to provide actionable tips to protect your fence posts from rotting:

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A Guide to Painting Your Fence This Summer

Summer is an ideal time of year to paint your fence. The warmer temperatures and sunnier days allow the wood to breathe and dry out without the worry of constant winds and rains. As one of the most reputable fence contractors in Montgomery County, we’re proud to advise our current and potential customers on the best ways to approach fence painting this summer.

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Games to Play With Your Kids in Your Backyard This Summer

Children are naturally curious and drawn to playing outside among nature. There are several benefits to outdoor play: It gives children the chance to explore new environments, develop their muscles and coordination, and strengthen their self-confidence. As the leading provider of fence installation in Chester County, PA, we help to secure outdoor areas so children can enjoy recreational activities.

We’ve listed some of our favorite games below to inspire outdoor activities with your children:

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