3 Reasons to Consider a Privacy Fence

The majority of homeowners and their families prefer to keep their homes private from the eyes of their neighbors. After all, that feeling of safety and security is often what drives families to purchase homes in the first place, and nobody wants to feel that they’re being watched when they’re trying to relax on their own property. Many fencing companies are seeing increasingly more requests for private fencing, and for a number of different reasons. Continue reading

Tips For Keeping Your Aluminum Fence in Great Condition

As summer turns to fall, you still have a few more weeks of pleasant outdoor weather to look forward to. This means you still have time to spend in the backyard, so you want to keep up the best appearance possible, especially if you’re having guests. With years of experience with fence installation in the Philadelphia area, the team at Greenhill Fencing knows the best way to keep your aluminum fence looking great at all times. Continue reading

Landscaping Ideas for Your Fence Line

Here at Greenhill Fencing, Inc., we’re often asked for suggestions on how to landscape a fence line after we complete an installation. As the most reputable fence installers in Philadelphia, we’ve pooled together some ideas on fence line landscaping and created a piece as a resource for our customers. Below are some tips to help you decide on the best fence line landscaping ideas for your outdoor area:

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