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5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Install a Fence


With over 20 years of experience, we here at Greenhill Fence Inc. pride ourselves on our reputation for being the premier fence installation company in Bucks County. As the area’s authority on all things fence-installation, we know exactly how to manifest the visions of each of our individual clients — right down to the kind of wood. Here are five reasons why clients turn to one of the top fencing companies in Bucks County to give their properties a new look:


Increase Property’s Visual Appeal and Overall Value

The installation of any variety of aluminum, vinyl, or wooden fencing can make your property appear cleaner, newer, more organized, and even larger! A new fence can also accentuate the appealing aspects of your home with a distinctive fencing design.

Gardens and Landscapes

Beautiful landscapes and overflowing gardens are great attributes for any property, but without containment they can become an eyesore and they can even be perceived distractions to visitors. By enclosing these areas with either post & rail or spaced picket fencing, they can grow more freely while remaining under control.

Swimming Pools and Ponds

These small bodies of water are refreshing and therapeutic features of your property, but remember that they should be safely enclosed to help prevent a wandering child from venturing too close or falling in. Aluminum fencing is a great option that will enhance your property and help protect against these potential hazards.


Take a friendlier approach to making sure that your pet doesn’t run away when you aren’t paying attention. Unlike electric fences, traditional fencing, such as chain link, provides a border for your pet to roam, whether installed around the whole property or one particular location.


Surround your home with a Shadow Box or Solid Wood fencing to create a more exclusive environment. Help isolate yourself from potential intruders and visual distractions, such as billboards and sloppy neighbors. If you live close to a busy roadway, a privacy fence is ideal to help prevent light pollution, such as headlights and store signs.


We are more than happy to help you with choosing the appropriate fencing for your property and the exact location in which it should be installed. As a third generation fencing company, we are familiar with personalized desires and bringing to life exactly what it is that our clients imagine.