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Looking to Paint Your Wooden Fence?


Wood fences are beautiful and one of the most popular fence options out there, but they do need a little bit more attention than other fence types. One of the things you can do to make sure your wooden fence looks its best is to paint it regularly – it’s also a great way to give your house and yard a new look without a major time or money investment. So, that’s why we’re going to share some of the wood fence painting tips we’ve come across during our more than 20 years of experience as a fence company in Buck County.


Before you paint, it’s a good idea to get rid of all the surface grime and dust by brushing the fence. That way the fence will absorb the paint better and you’ll avoid any irregularities or wasting paint.


Especially if you’re painting a bigger fence, a paint sprayer can be a really good way to get the job done fast. Just make sure to pick a paint that works with a sprayer, as well as avoid basic mistakes like spraying into the wind.


The other efficient option to fence-painting is using a rag roller. It’s a fast and easy way to paint. As an extra tip, if you carry the roller tray on a wheelbarrow that you move alongside with you, it’ll allow you to move everything from paint refills to a couple of “cold ones” with you as you paint.


It’s crucial to check the forecast before you make any painting plans. Not only do you need to make sure that you’re not painting in the rain, you should also avoid full sunlight because the heat from the sun causes the paint to dry so quickly it won’t be able to soak into the wood properly, which in turn makes it lose its protection value.


You need to be extra meticulous with the ends of the timber that are a part of your fence. They’re the hardest to get at, but simultaneously they are the most vulnerable part (in other words, most in need of the protection that paint provides). Use a small brush if needed.