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The History of the White Picket Fence

Nothing says the American dream quite as well as the classic white picket fence. While everyone wants the crisp, clean white picket fence in their yard, not many people know the origin of this classic design choice.

While the white picket fence is largely considered to be one of the most solidly American design choices you can make, the truth is that the design originated during the colonial period when the budding United States was still a ruled by Great Britain.

As settlers made their way over to claim their plot of land, those who held a significant amount of property and land began to erect picket fences to keep thieves and neighboring farm animals off their land. The most wealthy landowners painted their fence white because it was considered a symbol of wealth. After all, to have a large plot of land fenced in with a clean white fence, you’d have to have enough money to employ a servant to continuously be painting the fence to ensure that it did not lose its color.

As America gained its independence and land ownership became more diverse, a budding middle class adopted the white picket and made it their own. Its relatively simple design meant that those with little woodworking experience could handle the job most of the time. As plots of land became smaller, painting became a job that could be completed in a matter of hours instead of days.

While the meaning of the white picket fence has changed over time, the fact that this classic choice is as old as America itself still rings true to its popularity to this day.

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