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Three Tips for Fence Maintenance in Winter

Winter can be a rough time for your fence, as the elements may affect it and potentially lead to damage. If you have a wooden fence, this risk is amplified. Because of these effects, it is important to keep a close eye on your fence during the cold season. As one of the leading fence installation companies in Bucks County, we know a thing or two about maintaining a fence and protecting it from the elements, so we’re sharing some essential tips that will help keep your wooden fence standing upright this winter. Continue reading

What to Know Before Installing a Fence

When purchasing a new home, many buyers are more attracted to properties with residential gates and fences. Not only this, but we’re seeing a surge in popularity with aluminum fencing in Bucks County and surrounding areas. Did you know that aluminum fencing improves the aesthetic appeal of a home and can also offer a 65% return on investment? It’s true, and so are these facts to consider before you install a fence. Continue reading