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What Color Should Your Fence Be?


Selecting the right color for your fence is not as easy as it seems. There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding on what color a fence should be. Whether you are fixing up an old fence in your yard that needs a touch-up or installing a brand new one made of wood, a good paint job does wonders when it comes to aesthetics. We at Greenhill Fencing Inc. discuss a few guidelines that can help you determine what shade your fence will look best in.


Installing hundreds of fences throughout the Pennsylvania region has allowed us to see a variety of fence colors and style combinations. Did you know that basically all types of fence materials can be painted? The paint may vary according to ingredients, but you can paint any kind of fence – even chain link and vinyl. This is a good factor to keep in mind if you ever feel like you’d like to revitalize your fence’s appearance every couple of years.


While a white picket fence is a popular choice for many homeowners, other pigments work just as well. If you are stumped at what color you should paint your fence, we’ve got some advice pointers that can steer you in the right direction.


What are the Regulations of Your Neighborhood?

Some communities require a permit in order for you to change the color of your fence. Depending on the policy of your neighborhood or homeowner’s association, color choice may be limited and may need to be approved in advance. First find out what the regulations of the area are, and then make your color decision from there.


What is the Style of Your Home?

Certain pigments go well with the aesthetics of the property, while others don’t. Include the style of your home’s exterior in your decision-making process when selecting a color for your fence. Matching the fence to the style of your home will ensure that they accommodate each other.


What are the Surroundings of Your Fence?

To generate an attractive outdoor appearance, it is suggested that the color of your fence blend in with the surroundings. Pay attention to your yard’s natural aspects and landscaping so that your fence will complement it according to the shade you choose. Some atmospheres look well with a neutral color while others may look better with a sharp, contrasting color.


Fence Color Tips and Tricks

If you are still at a block in the road regarding the color of your fence, try these quick-fix tips.

–          Paint your fence the same color as the trim on your house for a classic look.

–          Pair your fence with the same undertones as your garden or yard furniture.

–          Make your property an eye-catcher by going bold with a strong shade, such as dark blue.

–          Consider painting multiple sections with hues from a color pallet for an artistic style.


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