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Choosing Which Kind of Stain to Use for Your Fence


Nothing beats the natural look of wooden fencing! While providing a comfortable and safe environment where you can spend time with family and entertain guests, wooden fences also work to improve the curb appeal of your home, as they blend in nicely with other unique features of your landscaping.

Yet, all the advantages of the organic style do come along with downfalls; the wood will eventually deteriorate due to the sun, wind and all kinds of saturating weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to prolong the life of your fence by reapplying a seal. Below, we discuss the differences between stains:

1. Solid fence stains usually last about three years. If you’re not opposed to using a product that covers up the wood grain, and you’d like to avoid having to reapply a seal every year, this is a perfect option. However, considering how these stains are opaque, they come along with many of the same issues as paint; after enduring continuous exposure to various weather conditions, they’ll begin to peel, crack and chip.

2. Semi-transparent fence stains don’t cover up the natural wood grain as much as solid fence stains, making them a great choice for cedar or other types of wood with a beautiful, natural finish. They’re not as weather resistant as solid stains, though, so you’ll need to reapply about every two years. As one of the best fence companies in Philadelphia, we’ve recommended semi-transparent fence stains to customers who really love the look of natural wood grains, but are willing to cover them up just a little bit to ensure it stands strong for as long as possible.

3. Clear deck and fence stains have little or no pigment, or water repellents. If you’re main goal is to showcase the natural wood grain of your fence, you should go with this one. You’ll need to reapply this type of stain every year. Even though you’ll perform a yearly reapplication, it’s important to remember that your fence will still eventually turn gray. Since most of these stains are made with ultraviolet inhibitors, which helps to increase the lifespan of your fence, it’ll take years before sun damage begins to show.

Restore the natural beauty of your wooden fencing by sealing it this spring!

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