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The Best Fence for Your Dog


Most dog owners consider their canine as a member of the family. So when it comes to securing them in the property, decisions must be made concerning the perimeter of the yard. Just like how a good quality fence prevents small children from wandering into hazard zones, it protects the dog from roaming freely around the neighborhood. Depending on your dog’s needs and the boundary objectives you have for your property, the fence you decide on should be able to accommodate both. Homeowners should keep in mind though, that different dog breeds do require specific types of fencing to properly secure them in the yard.


Protect Your Dog and Your Home

Some dog owners are okay with opting for a fence-free property with the use an invisible fence for their dog. Others may disagree with the use of invisible fences because it can hurt the dog and teach them the wrong mental association. Plus, it doesn’t stop other animals from entering the property and attacking Fido. Regular fencing is a great way to hit an all-in-one ordeal in terms of securing your beloved pet and enhancing the property aesthetics. While a traditional fence can protect your dog from dangers beyond the premises, it can also provide privacy, improve the appearance of the yard, and establish boundaries.


Selecting the Right Fence for Your Dog

So, how do you know which fence would be the right one for your dog and your needs as a homeowner? If you are looking to achieve the convenience of simply letting your dog out to play without having to walk it on the leash, then a beautiful, sturdy fence is the ultimate solution.  The first step to deciding on a fence for your dog is to consider their animalistic features. What size is the dog? Does he or she have a temper? How old is the dog? Answering these key questions will lead you to determine what fence will be best for the dog’s personality.


Determine the Fence Type

Next, you should consider the fence types that would match the habits of your dog. For example, chain link fences can secure highly energetic, strong dogs while providing visibility. Dogs that are non-aggressive and smaller can benefit from a wood fence, which is also more pleasing to the appearance of the yard. The fence type you choose also should convey the lifestyle you want on the exterior of your home, as well as meet your budget.


Fence Tips and Tricks

If you are in love with a particular fence that you know will not suit your dog, there are a few alterations that can make it work for your home. To halt the dog from jumping over the fence, chicken wire can be added to the structure. You can also have a paving block installed underneath the fence so that the dog cannot dig through the bottom.


Owning a canine is one of the best reasons to consider a fence for your home. After all, your four-legged friend wants to enjoy the outdoors of your property just as much as you do.

Which Fences are the Strongest?

strong fence

In the Pennsylvania area, many residents endure the unpredictable weather conditions that come with every changing season. This winter, our location has experienced a range of snowy ice storms with freezing rain that can cause damage to properties. Weather is a major factor to consider when it comes to choosing a good fence, such as aluminum fencing in Chester County, PA. Aside from making your yard look appealing, fences need to be sturdy and strong to hold up during bad weather. We at Greenhill Fencing, Inc., have created a list of the strongest fencing materials.

Some fence materials are easily breakable than others but don’t cost much to repair. Other fence materials are immensely durable but have to be installed properly. By reviewing different types of fences, you can determine which one would best suit your property in the best way possible, especially when it comes to unexpected weather conditions.



–          Allows for a versatile design

–          Will need waterproofing

–          Strength depends on what type of wood is used

–          Susceptible to rotting and pest issues

–          Can be painted or finished


–          Will last for over 10 years

–          Limited in color – only white, dark tan and light tan

–          Less maintenance issues

–          Low grade is more vulnerable to degradation from sunlight and high temperatures

–          May need reinforcement for wide gated areas


–          Made of steel that is flexible

–          If scratched, it will rust quickly

–          Needs precise form to reduce chance of a bulge or wave


–          Extremely strong

–          Long lasting

–          More expensive

–          Durable


–          Not very attractive

–          No privacy

–          Strong and long lasting

–          For temporary purposes and marking boundaries

–          Rust and corrosion resistance

If you need advice concerning the choice of a strong fence, contact us today to speak with one of our experts. We’d love to help you! We are one of the fence installation companies in Bucks County that provide free quotes.

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