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Famous Fences Around the Globe

When you opt to have a fence installed on your property, it serves for a variety of purposes, such as presentable appearance for your property, privacy, and marking your boundaries. Neighbors will always be able to notice your fence and understand that it is part of your home. It also helps to establish your home’s outdoor exterior in Chester County, PA, whether it is aluminum fencing, wood fencing, or vinyl fencing.


While your fence improves your home in many ways, it is also like a landmark for your yard. Speaking of landmarks, did you know that there are several famous fences located in countries all around the world? They attract tourists from near and far because of their history and architectural beauty. As a company that performs fence installation in Bucks County, PA we at Greenhill Fencing Inc. take a look at a few famous fences and what makes them so popular.

fence aquarium

Mehmet Ali Gökçeoglu’s Aquarium Fence

One famous fence is the 164 meter fence that is an actual aquarium. It was created in 2013 at the home of Mehmet Ali Gökçeoglu in Turkey. The fence houses fish, eels, and other aquatic life.


Dingo Fencedingo fence

The Dingo Fence is located in Australia and is the world’s longest fence! It is about 5,633 kilometers in length and measures the distance between NYC and London. The fence was built to halt dingoes from entering farmland cities. The fence still services its purpose today.

Buckingham Palace Fence

In London, the royal family headquarters is surrounded by an elegant iron fence that symbolizes majesty. It protects the British royal family from intruders entering their home.


Which Fences are the Strongest?

strong fence

In the Pennsylvania area, many residents endure the unpredictable weather conditions that come with every changing season. This winter, our location has experienced a range of snowy ice storms with freezing rain that can cause damage to properties. Weather is a major factor to consider when it comes to choosing a good fence, such as aluminum fencing in Chester County, PA. Aside from making your yard look appealing, fences need to be sturdy and strong to hold up during bad weather. We at Greenhill Fencing, Inc., have created a list of the strongest fencing materials.

Some fence materials are easily breakable than others but don’t cost much to repair. Other fence materials are immensely durable but have to be installed properly. By reviewing different types of fences, you can determine which one would best suit your property in the best way possible, especially when it comes to unexpected weather conditions.



–          Allows for a versatile design

–          Will need waterproofing

–          Strength depends on what type of wood is used

–          Susceptible to rotting and pest issues

–          Can be painted or finished


–          Will last for over 10 years

–          Limited in color – only white, dark tan and light tan

–          Less maintenance issues

–          Low grade is more vulnerable to degradation from sunlight and high temperatures

–          May need reinforcement for wide gated areas


–          Made of steel that is flexible

–          If scratched, it will rust quickly

–          Needs precise form to reduce chance of a bulge or wave


–          Extremely strong

–          Long lasting

–          More expensive

–          Durable


–          Not very attractive

–          No privacy

–          Strong and long lasting

–          For temporary purposes and marking boundaries

–          Rust and corrosion resistance

If you need advice concerning the choice of a strong fence, contact us today to speak with one of our experts. We’d love to help you! We are one of the fence installation companies in Bucks County that provide free quotes.

strong wood fence