3 Things You Need to Consider Before Installing a Fence

Tips to Keep the Process Secure and Professional

Advice from Experienced Fencing Professionals

Before installing a fence there are several factors that all homeowners should take into consideration. Here at Greenhill Fencing, Inc., we’ve spent two decades building our legacy as a premium fence installer in Chester County, PA, and the surrounding areas. We’ve decided to list three of the most important factors for our existing and future customers to peruse at their convenience.

Why Install a Fence?

Residential fencing can seriously enhance the aesthetics of a property; they are also excellent for creating privacy. That being said, there is a fair deal of planning that goes into a successful fence installation. Fencing has to be sturdy, durable, good looking and professionally installed.

Who Will Install Your New Fence?

If quality is something you’re striving for, it’s highly recommended that you work with a professional fence installation company when having a quality fence constructed on or around your property. Experienced professionals can help to keep costs down, while eliminating damage and risk to your property and its landscape. By consulting with a team of professionals, you can be confident that your new fence and property will look perfect once the job is completed.

Have You Identified Your Correct Property Perimeter Lines?

Arguments can arise with the neighbors when it comes to overstepping property lines during fence installations. To avoid such problems, it makes sense to have a discussion with your landlord or real estate agent to find out exactly what land belongs to you before fencing construction begins. Please bear in kind, when it comes to residential fencing, different jurisdictions may require your fence to be set at two, four, six, or eight inches away from the property line.

Have You Considered Fence Sizing and Materials?

Do you want to use a traditional fencing material such as wood or PVC, or were you looking to branch out to something more exotic like supply chain link or vinyl? Is your fence going to sit at a height that keeps pets from escaping/entering your property perimeter? These are important questions to ask yourself before beginning your fence installation project.

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