3 Ways to Make Your Fence Summer Ready

The summer is quickly approaching the Philadelphia area. With summer weather comes more heat, sunnier days, outdoor grill parties, and lazy afternoons by the pool. As the calendar changes from spring to summer, heed the advice of one of the premier fence companies in the Philadelphia area and use this perfect opportunity to make sure your fences are at their summertime best. Here are three things to take into consideration when it comes to your fence this summer.

Clear it of Natural Obstacles 

Throughout the year, there are potential dangers that can affect the state of your fence. Tree branches and bushes that are growing in the area can start to infringe on it and cause long term damage by scraping or wrapping around the structure. By removing the branches before they can develop, you can save yourself time and not have to replace the entire fence. 

Cleaning Your Fence

Taking the time to clean your fence properly is a worthwhile investment at the beginning of the summer. It can do wonders for the overall look of your fence by giving it a good rinse; with a hose for aluminum, and with soap and water for vinyl fences.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Sometimes we need to give our yards a brand new identity. It could come through the building of a fire pit or a brand-new grilling area; however, a quick and easy way to update your yard is to give your fence a fresh coat of paint. It’s worth noting that some materials are easier to paint than others; aluminum fences allow owners to paint their fence multiple times over the fence’s lifespan. The following infographic provides more information on painting your fence:































By using the start of the summer months as a sign of change and renewal, you can give your fence the chance to announce that change and set the tone for your home. 

For additional information on painting your fence, you can read our post on the subject. If you are ready for fence installation in Philadelphia just in time for summer, call Greenhill Fencing today at 267-329-3005!