Fences Gone Mad

This month, for fun and inspiration, we thought we’d share some of the strangest fencing solutions we could find examples of. We don’t think we’ll be building any of these anytime soon, but most of them do make the point of what a difference a fence can make in the appearance of a property…

The Pencil Fence







While we can’t say that this gives a house the nondescript or classy look that many of our customers are looking for, it will probably come in handy the next time you’re trying to write down a number and can’t find a pen…


The Ski Fence






Well, the next time winter conditions kick in and everyone else is either stuck in traffic or trying desperately to find a plowed road, whoever owns this house is going to be the king of the snow day commute – and possibly his neighbors or the entire neighborhood too, since that is a very impressive amount of skis fitted into one fence.


The Rollercoaster Fence








Are you feeling adventurous? If you really love rollercoasters, this might be the right fence for you. We would just like to say, though, that this is decidedly NOT what our fencing work looks like. In fact, looking at these pictures, we’re left wondering whether this structure was accomplished through artistry or incompetence.


The Underwear Fence







We’re not sure what to say about this one. It’s certainly an interesting fencing solution, but it’s probably not as weather resistant as your average vinyl fence, nor is it as good for privacy as a solid wood fence. It does, however, serve as a better conversation starter than most average fences.


The Mishmash Fence







We get it. Sometimes our clients, too, have a hard time deciding between fence materials: do they want PVC for longevity or maybe aluminum for the lovely wrought iron look? But we don’t remember anyone ever having such a difficult time deciding that they ended up putting everything they could get their hands on into the fence.


We hope you enjoyed this little foray into fence creativity (or madness?). If you have any questions or are interested in getting a new fence, as one of the best fence companies in Bucks County, we would love to help you, as long as you don’t expect us to build a fence out of underwear.