Fencing Options for Your Pool

With summer in full swing and the pandemic refusing to go away, you’re probably spending more time lounging around your pool. It’s truly a relaxing experience for you and your family. As you’re enjoying poolside life, you may wonder if something is missing to complete the experience. Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, you may want to have added levels of protection or privacy. That’s where a fence comes into play.

Fences for Protection

If you want a fence that provides safety, there are multiple options available to choose from, so you can pick one that best matches your yard and pool! The material you select will go a long way towards establishing the atmosphere you want. A material such as aluminum portrays a clean look while providing ample protection. Depending on how high you want your aluminum fence in Bucks County, it can be more difficult for people to climb over thanks to the smooth nature of the material and space between fence posts. The following infographic provides more options for your pool’s fence:

Infographic explaining different ways fences can protect a home pool.

Fences for Privacy

The defining characteristics of a privacy fence for your pool come down to two main factors; the material used and the fence’s height. In terms of materials, you will want to use PVC or wood to build the most effective privacy fence for your pool. Both materials lend themselves to solid fence construction without gaps in between for people to peer through. Wood and PVC also can be built to custom height specifications that prevent people from seeing over them and into your pool area. Both materials can be designed to fit multiple aesthetics for whatever style you want your backyard to exude. 

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