A Guide to Picking Out a Fence Style

fence styles

So, you need a fence that will mark your boundaries and provide your property with some privacy. But you can’t just put up any kind of fence without considering your home’s outdoor aesthetics since different styles create different looks. When you choose to have a fence installed or replaced, the type you select matters, especially when it can be a factor that raises your property’s value.

But one key point to remember is that your fence should first satisfy your needs rather than your wants. In other words, you shouldn’t start off choosing your fence solely based on its style. After you have decided on the right material and the right height for your yard, then you can consider what style the fence should be.

Many fence materials come available in a variety of styles, with wood being the most versatile and PVC having a large number of options. Greenhill Fencing offers a wide range of quality fences, including aluminum, PVC, wood, and chain link. Our experts can help you decide on the right style fence that will be most beneficial to your property. You can rely on us to properly install the chosen fence style on your property that will make your residence’s exterior design look appealing. To help you with the decision-making process of your fence, we have created a style guide for reference:


Fence style: Picket

Fence materials: Vinyl or wood

House types that match: Neo-Colonial, Victorian, Georgian, and Cape Cod

Most homeowners are familiar with the classic white picket fencing. Picket fencing is typically made of wood, but you can also select vinyl fencing for a more low-maintenance option. Many homeowners and home design professionals believe that this type matches homes with more rustic and traditional designs.


Fence style: Wrought Iron

Fence materials: Aluminum

House types that match: Urban brownstone, Mediterranean, and Spanish/Mission

Beautiful wrought iron fencing adds a touch of rustic class and elegance to modern properties. Juxtaposing the classic look of cultural homes (like Spanish-style pueblos and urban brownstones) with the grace of wrought iron fencing can provide you with a new look that blends well with the design of your home and adds a layer of depth to your home’s signature style. 


Fence style: Horizontal Board

Fence materials: Wood

House types that match: Ranch

Ranch-style properties are known for their straightforward, practical design—and fencing companies in Delaware County know that the no-nonsense look of horizontal board fencing complements these types of homes exceptionally well. Choose wooden material to complete this classic look while also providing a layer of protection to your property.


Fence style: Split-Rail

Fence materials: Wood

House types that match: Rustic, Farms

If you live on a larger ranch property or a more rustic plot of land, you might want to consider affordable split-rail fencing. Split-rail fencing provides homeowners with a more inexpensive way to line their property and can help if the dividing line between your property and your neighbor’s property isn’t exactly clear. Split-rail fencing is also popular with ranch homeowners who take care of cattle, horses, sheep, or other livestock on their property.


Fence style: Spaced Flat Top Picket

Fence materials: Vinyl or Wood

House types that match: English Tudor

The final development in the English and Welsh Medieval period of architecture, English Tudor homes are best known for their gorgeous masonry, long galleries, and breathtaking French windows. Spaced flat-top fencing combines the classic look of wooden or vinyl fencing with a higher layer of home protection when compared to aluminum or split-rail fencing.


Fence style: Lattice Top

Fence materials: Vinyl or Wood

House types that match: Craftsman

With covered porches and a sleek, modern design, it’s not a stretch to call the Craftsman-style home a true hallmark of the American Dream. We recommend that you complement this home style with lattice fencing that’s perfect for both privacy and horticulture. 


Certain fence styles tend to match specific home types more than others. It is also important to know what objectives different fence styles can accomplish for homes. Here is our breakdown of the multiple purposes that various fence styles can achieve.


–          Board and batten

–          Vertical board

–          Stockade

–          Solid board

–          Lattice top


Security with partial Visibility

–          Wyngate


Establishing Boundaries

–          Picket

–          Ornamental

–          Post and rail


Safety and Protection

–          Chain link

–          Aluminum

We understand that selecting the right style can be a little overwhelming since there are so many factors to consider when it comes to your property. That’s why we at Greenhill Fencing Inc. are here to help! Your fence should be able to meet your needs as a homeowner, whether you want privacy, protection, security, or boundaries. We handle fence installation in Bucks County and beyond for hundreds of different fence styles. We have vast knowledge in the style of fences and have the skills to know how each type is implemented into the ground. Contact us today to get the fence of your dreams.