Famous Fences Around the Globe

When you opt to have a fence installed on your property, it serves various purposes, such as a presentable appearance for your property, privacy, and marking your boundaries. Neighbors will always be able to notice your fence and understand that it is part of your home. It also helps establish your home’s outdoor exterior in Chester County, PA, whether it is aluminum fencing, wood fencing, or vinyl fencing.

While your fence improves your home in many ways, it is also like a landmark for your yard. Speaking of landmarks, did you know that there are several famous fences located in countries worldwide? They attract tourists from near and far because of their history and architectural beauty. As a company that performs fence installation in Bucks County, PA, we at Greenhill Fencing Inc. take a look at a few famous fences and what makes them so popular.

The Great Wall of China

While this stretches the definition of “fence,” the Great Wall of China remains the most famous defensive wall constructed in the world. While the renowned claim of astronauts being able to see the Great Wall from space, the Great Wall is still an impressive feat of human engineering that has stood the test of time.

fence aquarium

Mehmet Ali Gökçeoglu’s Aquarium Fence

One famous fence is the 164-meter fence that is an actual aquarium. It was created in 2013 at the home of Mehmet Ali Gökçeoglu in Turkey. The fence houses fish, eels, and other aquatic life.


The Lock Fence

In Paris, the Lock Fence represents the undying love between couples when they fasten a lock to the chain-link fence. Adorned with thousands of locks from countless people over the years, this chain link fence has become one of the most recognizable and romantic spots in a city renowned for such gestures. 

The Green Monster and Wrigley Field

When it comes to iconic fences in the United States, the ones that immediately jump to mind tend to come from the world of sports. In Major League Baseball, two ballpark fences stand above the rest for their iconic status and long-standing traditions; Fenway Park’s Green Monster and the ivy-covered fences of Wrigley Field. 

Both ballparks were initially built in the early 20th century and have received modern upgrades since. However, both stadiums have had their iconic fences remain largely intact since their first construction. 

The ivy of Chicago’s Wrigley Field has grown and covered every inch of the fence, eating batted balls that have bounced into the tangles of ivy and turning potential triples into ground-rule doubles. The Green Monster in Boston’s Fenway Park is a 37-foot tall behemoth that has intimidated hitters and forced outfielders to cover extreme ricochets that now features seats at the top of the fence.  

Dingo Fencedingo fence

The Dingo Fence is located in Australia and is the world’s longest fence! It is about 5,633 kilometers in length and measures the distance between NYC and London. The fence was built to halt dingoes from entering farmland cities. The fence still serves its purpose today.


Buckingham Palace Fence

In London, the royal family headquarters is surrounded by an elegant and historic iron fence that symbolizes majesty. It protects the British royal family from intruders entering their homes. Tourists from around the world are greeted at the gates of Buckingham Palace by stoic soldiers in their iconic red uniforms and distinctive hats, characterized by the fact they don’t move from their posts until the end of their shift. 

While your home fence might not have the historical significance of one of these structures, you still want to have a well-constructed fence built by respected general contractors. With the help of Greenhill Fencing, we can help build you the fence you have always wanted for your home in no time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!