3 Common Reasons for Getting A New Fence Installed

Even in the safest neighborhoods, homeowners should make sure their homes are protected at all costs. Home security systems are a common measure taken by new and old homeowners alike, but it doesn’t have to be the only option. Just a simple fence can do wonders to make your home more secure.

At Greenhill Fencing Inc., the top fencing company in Montgomery County, we have installed fences for homeowners looking to keep their home a little more secure. The right fence can help keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are three of the most common reasons why homeowners have a fence wrapped around their home or yard:


Anyone who has a dog knows how much time they spend outdoors each day. Between going to the bathroom and playing fetch, there’s a great chance you’ll be spending plenty of time outside with your dog. It is important to make sure the fence you already have is high enough to keep your dog in the yard. If not, we’re here to help. Our 6-foot fences are able to keep many different breeds of dogs in their yard.


Similar to dogs, your kids will want to spend a lot of time outdoors as well. Although they aren’t in danger of trying to escape your yard like your furry friend, children can play in the backyard unsupervised with the safety of a fence. A fence can allow you to complete other chores around the house instead of constantly keeping an eye on your children in the backyard at all times.

Privacy/Noise Reduction

Anyone dealing with noisy neighbors can help enjoy their quiet time by installing a new fence. The right size fence can help reduce the amount of outside noise in your yard. The same fence can also help you enjoy good times outdoors with more privacy. Enjoy the setup of your backyard without always feeling like someone is watching over from afar.

Don’t deal with those pesky, nosy neighbors any longer. For over 25 years, we here at Greenhill Fencing, Inc. have proudly served the Philadelphia area with all of their fencing needs. As the top fencing company in Philadelphia, we can you fitted with the right fence for your yard. Give us a call today at 267-329-3005 to get started.