3 Things To Keep In Mind If You’re Getting A New Fence For Your Dog

Anyone with a dog understands how much energy these furry friends have. It can be hard for big dogs with a lot of energy to burn it all off in one day. On top of doing your best to take them on a walk each day, there’s a solid chance your dog will also spend a decent amount of time playing in the backyard. We here at Greenhill Fencing, Inc., the top fencing contractors in Warminster, PA, have helped keep dogs safe and secure in their backyard for over two decades.

Anyone who is interested in getting a new fence to better fit their dog should keep these tips in mind:

Big Dogs Typically Need A Big Fence

Anyone with a dog that weighs less than 20 pounds isn’t going to have to worry about the height of their fence as much as owners with bigger dogs. Big dogs like huskies, golden retrievers, labradors, and pit bulls will need a large fence in order to keep them from running away. A 4-foot fence and 6-foot fence may be the difference of whether or not you end up driving around the neighborhood looking for your dog.

Choose The Right Fence

Just because your fence is tall doesn’t mean it can’t be climbed. Regardless of the size of your fence, a clever dog will try any way possible to go frolick the neighborhood whenever he or she wants. A chain link fence can be scaled easily if your dog has enough maneuverability and smarts. Fortunately, the right PVC or wooden fence can help keep just about any dog contained.

Eliminate Any Distractions

Even dogs that are well-behaved around strangers may want to go say, “Hi” to anyone passing by. Having a tall, privacy fence can help get rid of all distractions that may make your dog want to wander off. Privacy fences are recommended for owners who have a pet (or pets) easily tempted to run off towards something. Eliminating any joggers, the mailman, or those pesky squirrels will help keep your dog calm as he or she plays outside.

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