3 Reasons to Consider a Privacy Fence

The majority of homeowners and their families prefer to keep their homes private from the eyes of their neighbors. After all, that feeling of safety and security is often what drives families to purchase homes in the first place, and nobody wants to feel that they’re being watched when they’re trying to relax on their own property. Many fencing companies are seeing increasingly more requests for private fencing, and for a number of different reasons.


Here, we’ve listed some of the most popular reasons that so many families opt for privacy fencing in their homes, courtesy of Greenhill Fencing, your go-to fence company for Warminster, PA!

Protection For Younger Children

Every parent knows that young kids tend to wander off quite a bit. Taking your eyes away from a toddler for as little as a few moments is enough to give them an opportunity to get themselves into trouble. A privacy fence can help keep your family safe by preventing kids from wandering off your property.

Noise Reduction and Protection From Animals

If your neighbors have a dog that doesn’t seem to ever stop barking, or a cat that enjoys taking strolls into your lawn, then you might want to look into getting a proper barrier. Privacy fencing will provide you with greater noise reduction from noisy pets and will prevent both domestic and wild animals from trotting out onto your lawn.

Pool Safety

If you have a swimming pool, common sense will tell you that you need a fence to keep your own kids and the other neighborhood children safe. A privacy fence can prevent tree-climbing animals from jumping into your swimming pool, while also creating a barricade that keeps neighborhood kids from accidentally falling into your home’s pool.


No matter what your own motivation may be, our team here at Greenhill Fencing, Inc. can provide your family with the fencing you need to keep your home and your family comfortable and safe this season.


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