Tips For Keeping Your Aluminum Fence in Great Condition

As summer turns to fall, you still have a few more weeks of pleasant outdoor weather to look forward to. This means you still have time to spend in the backyard, so you want to keep up the best appearance possible, especially if you’re having guests. With years of experience with fence installation in the Philadelphia area, the team at Greenhill Fencing knows the best way to keep your aluminum fence looking great at all times.

Perform regular spray-downs.

Especially after summertime, aluminum fencing gets covered in dirt, grass, and other elements of the great outdoors. We highly recommend that you take a garden hose to your fence every now and then. The water from your hose will not only make your fence look like new again, but will also wash away some of the residue that these elements of nature may leave.

Avoid excess storage near the fence.

The backyard can be an accessible storage space for bulky items that don’t have a place. But usually, they’ll collect dust until they eventually get thrown out, and all the while they create a hazard. Stacking and storing objects too close to your aluminum fence can sometimes cause damage if there for long periods of time. Backyard activities can result in these objects being jostled or knocked over, which not only becomes a safety risk but can leave severe scratches and marks on your fence that can be hard to cover up.

Make sure your gate is in good condition.

A well-maintained gate is essential for aluminum fences. As gates get older, they may not swing to open and shut the way they used to. Oiling the hinges is an easy way to keep your fence fresh and prevent your gate from getting stuck. Leaving your gate open, especially on a windy day, can also cause damage to the entire fence as it blows around. To prevent this, keep it shut when you’re not using the gate. Finally, if you have children, make sure they know that the gate is not something they can play on. It might be fun for them, but it can ultimately wind up being dangerous.


As the most convenient and affordable aluminum fencing option in Bucks County and Philadelphia, Greenhill Fencing knows how to make sure your fence stays in great shape and makes you feel at home. For more information on our services for all fence styles, reach out to us a 267-329-3005.