3 Things To Consider Before Deciding On Your Fence

There are many different reasons why homeowners choose to have their backyard or entire property wrapped with a beautiful fence. From the addition of children or pets, a new fence can help make your home look more appealing while also adding extra comfort and security. At Greenhill Fencing Inc., the top fencing installers in Chester County, PA, we take pride in helping homeowners decide on the right fence for their yard.

Here are three areas we encourage homeowners to consider when deciding on the fence they will go with:

Privacy Or Comfort?

Deciding between a privacy picket fence or standard picket fence can ultimately come down to deciding between comfort and privacy. We’re not saying a privacy fence will not make your backyard a comfortable resting space, but it does have the ability to cut down on airflow. A hot day in August can feel even hotter with very little airflow.


Since the majority of home insurance policies and city codes require any kind of fence to wrap around your pool, those who are currently looking at getting a pool installed or plan on doing so in the near future should consider keeping a similar theme with their pool and fence.

Frequent Party Thrower?

We all have that one family member who steps up to host family parties and holiday get-togethers. If that person happens to be you, the right fence can help make summer gatherings much better for you and your neighbors. The noise can travel from any kind of party easily. The right fence can help limit the amount of noise your neighbors endure each time you throw a party.

Regardless of the reason (or reasons) why you may be interested in a new fence, Greenhill Fencing Inc. is here to help. As one of the best fence companies in Chester County, PA, we have helped homeowners decide on the perfect fence for over 20 years. Interested parties can take advantage of our free estimates by giving us a call at 267-329-3005.