3 Reasons Your Pool Needs The Added Protection Of A Fence

While some may not like the appearance of a fence around their property, anyone who has gotten a pool installed or is pondering the idea of adding one to their backyard should consider the need for a fence. Fences not only help keep the things you want in and the things you don’t want out, but a fence around your pool can help make your property safer and nicer looking.

Here are a handful of reasons your pool needs to be accompanied by a fence:

Curb Appeal

A beautiful fence can help make your property look more modern. We here at Greenhill Fencing Inc., a leading company for fence installation in Delaware County, have many different styles and designs of fences that can best fit your home. From a lattice top PVC fence to a standard chain link fence, we have many different options that will best fit you.


Anyone who is familiar with insurance policies already has an idea of the liability that comes with owning a pool. Making sure your pool is secured with a fence can help prevent your homeowner’s insurance policy from increasing, as well as reduce the risk of injury.

Peace of Mind

Similar to what we talked about in the last paragraph, safety and peace of mind are among the biggest reasons behind the need for a fence. It is easy for those without a fence around their pool to be nervous when leaving the house for extended periods of time.

Not only will a fence protect what is in your yard, but it will also allow any children in the neighborhood to play without the fear of falling into a pool. Help keep your loved ones safe and secure today.

For over 20 years, we here at Greenhill Fencing Inc. have been one of the top fence companies in Philadelphia. Installing PVC, wood, chain link and aluminum fences, we offer many different styles that will best fit your yard. To get started today, give us a call at 267-329-3005.