4 Reasons You May Need A Fence Installed Around Your Property

Whether you just finished building your new home or recently moved into the area, if you’re home or property isn’t secured with a fence, you may want to get in touch with our team at Greenhill Fencing. Inc. as soon as possible. As the top fence contractors in Montgomery County, we have helped do our best to keep homes just a little more secure.

Here are just a few reasons why you might need a fence surrounding your home or backyard:


One reason why homeowners look to get a fence installed is the added sense of security. But we’re not saying the only thing you need to keep your home protected is a fence. What we are saying is that a fence in your backyard can keep unwanted strangers from peeking in and seeing any valuables that could catch their eye.


It is essential for dogs to have a ton of room to burn off their build-up energy. Even after their daily walks, dogs love to frolic around in the backyard chasing their tail, balls, toys, bugs and animals. If you have a dog or you’re thinking of getting a dog, a fence is almost a guarantee. Most cities, townships, and counties require homeowners with pets to have a fence around their home.


Like we mentioned above, a fence around your backyard can keep anyone passing by out of your yard, away from your windows, and out of your hair. A 10-foot PVC style fence can allow you to enjoy your backyard with complete visual privacy.

Swimming Pool

Fall is one of the most popular times to have a new pool installed in your backyard. If you’re thinking about getting an old-fashioned watering hole installed, you’re going to want to reach out to a fencing company as well.

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