Your Home Isn’t Protected by A Fence? Here Are 3 Reasons Why It Should Be

Now that winter is finally here, there are many opportunities to improve the security, appearance or value of your home. Many hardscapers, landscapers and other handy contractors have more time to plan projects due to the cold weather. At Greenhill Fencing, Inc., we are now scheduling winter projects for homeowners all across the area. As the top fence installation company in Bucks County, homeowners have turned to us for fencing repair and installation for many years.

Here are a handful of reasons your home can become safer, more appealing, and increase in value by adding a fence:

Curb Appeal

Regardless of how old your home is, it never hurts to make it appear more modern. A beautiful fence can help make any property look updated and more modern. We have plenty of different styles and designs that will best match your property. With years of experience, our team can design and create a fence that best matches your home’s appearance as well as fit your needs in every way.


Your home may not become secure as a bank following a brand new fence installation, but adding a privacy fence can help deter potential criminals from being able to get up close and personal with your home. On top of other security features like an alarm and durable windows, a new fence can help make your home more secure.

Protect Your Swimming Pool

Just like with fencing installations, homeowners all across the area may soon be having brand new pools installed in their backyards. While a swimming pool in the yard is a ton of fun, it also poses serious health, safety and insurance risks. Homeowners are urged to consider all safety concerns so that they can make their pool safer for family and friends. Making it tough to get into your backyard with a fence can decrease the chance of neighborhood children jumping into your pool unsupervised.

For over 20 years, we here at Greenhill Fencing, Inc. have been a top choice when it comes to vinyl fence companies in Bucks County and the surrounding area. To get started today, give us a call at 267-329-3005.