On the Fence about Your Fence? 3 Reasons to Choose Vinyl/PVC

A fence project is not a small undertaking. There are numerous considerations. What is the purpose of the fence? For example, will it be for privacy, decoration, or keeping the neighbor’s dogs off your property?  Once you figure out the purpose, you’ve got to determine the material. Do you want to use wood, which has to be maintained?  Or do you want something maintenance free? Lastly, you’ve got to consider the cost. How much can you afford to put toward your fence? Does a costlier material add more value in long run? photo If you are on the fence about the type of material you want, here are 3 reasons to strongly consider Vinyl/PVC.

  1. Safety – If you’re fencing your property to establish boundaries to keep your family safe from prying eyes or stray dogs, then Vinyl/PVC is a good option.  At Greenhill Fencing Inc., we carry a 6 foot PVC privacy fence that is supremely secure. It keeps strangers from scoping out your property. Additionally, your neighbor’s free-roaming dogs won’t be able to come sniffing around.
  1. Beauty – Vinyl/PVC fences provide a clean, aesthetic look. Vinyl/PVC is also versatile. Our vinyl fences are available in an array of colors and styles to allow you to get creative with your property’s appeal.  To enhance the perimeter of your property, you may want a lattice privacy fence which possesses a solid base with a lattice design at the top.  For a more open look, the scalloped picket fence adds an elegant touch to any perimeter.
  1. Reliability – For strength and flexibility, Vinyl/PVC is the preferred option. It is reported that Vinyl/PVC has five times the strength as wood, which means it can withstand intense weather conditions better than wood.  You’ve no doubt heard that saying “what doesn’t bend breaks.” Vinyl/PVC’s flexibility allows it to flex under heavy winds and rains and still remain intact. In fact, it’s considered by many to be maintenance free. Greenhill Fencing Inc. works with manufacturers who provide lifetime warranties on the vinyl fencing we install.

latticeWhile Vinyl/PVC fencing may be more expensive than alternative fences in chain or wood, this type of material is built to last. This is the right material if you are willing to spend a bit more upfront to save money in the future. Greenhill Fencing recommends Vinyl/PVC fencing for safety, beauty, and reliability.