Three Things to do Before Installing A Fence

Choosing a fence for your property is all about marking boundaries. Unfortunately, those boundaries have limits. We at Greenhill Fencing suggest a few things to accomplish before deciding on a fence for your yard. Completing these three steps beforehand will help you with your fencing decisions, avoid construction damages and maintain positive community relationships.

Check for Underground Utilities

When having a fence installed, it is important to make sure the construction does not destroy any possible underground utilities that may be underneath the soil. Unexpected damage to your property due to a utility issue from fence installation will cause an extra costly bill for repairs. Touch base with your local utility company to have your home inspected first before inserting a fence. An inspection will determine a layout that will avoid underground utilities.

Establish Good Neighbor Relations

It is good courtesy to be open with neighbors about your fencing project plans. Members of the community should have open communication about their property boundaries to maintain a positive unity between each other. Their opinion may matter when it comes to obstruction of views, so it is recommended to check in with them about your fencing installation initiatives and establish an agreement on good terms.







Obtain Permission from the Town

Some towns require a building permit for fences and other construction projects. Doing research on your town regulations and contacting the homeowners association for your location will inform you of fencing limits so that you can plan your enclosure to meet the neighborhood requirements. Learn the determined constraints for the distance between property lines and sidewalks for your community and if necessary, gain prior approval. Check your local building codes to find out the acceptable fencing material and height.

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