A Fence Installation Could Reduce Insurance Premiums

Although there is a slew of factors that are taken into consideration when underwriters and actuaries determine a property owner’s insurance premium, the installation of a fence can help to lower your monthly payment by decreasing the possibility of vandalism or burglary claims. A fence surrounding your property will provide you and your family with a safeguard that’s similar to a security system. By implementing a protective fencing design, you’ll help to eliminate a number of liabilities that might otherwise manifest into greater complications. Whether you’re wondering whether or not you’d protect yourself by implementing a fence on your current property, or if you should look for a new home with a fence already installed, it’s no mystery that fences are ideal in the eyes of insurance policy experts.


Insurance premiums will certainly be more expensive for individuals that have a pool or hot tub on their property. These small bodies of water are incredibly dangerous liabilities if they are not properly enclosed. Not only can small children wander away and fall into a pool or pond without your knowledge, but even adults can injure themselves if they aren’t extra cautious about its presence. Unenclosed trampolines represent serious liabilities, as well, since anybody could roam onto your property and hurt themselves. Without having a physical structure representing the danger of a particular area of your property or demonstrating an obvious measure of entrance prevention, you might be liable for something that you’ve never even imagined happening. Most importantly, fencing companies in Philadelphia and neighboring areas will help you to prevent vandalism and burglaries by deterring individuals away from your property.


It’s always important, of course, to consider the neighborhood in which you live in. For example, if you live in a neighborhood that is full of small children and young families, then it’s strongly recommended that you consult a fence company in Montgomery County, PA and surrounding areas. On the other hand, if your home is surrounded by older people and there aren’t too many small children, then a fence installation might not be as necessary, in regards to liabilities. Additionally, homeowners should contemplate all possible liabilities associated with their property and, subsequently, determine the probability of having to file a claim. You should perform a cost-benefit analysis between the cost of installing a fence and paying lower monthly insurance premiums, as a result of your conscientious decision to help to eliminate liabilities. Ultimately, if obvious and threatening liabilities exist, it’s suggested that you install PVC, wooden, chain link or aluminum fencing in Chester County, PA and surrounding areas. Always take protective measures so that you don’t have to deal with unexpected consequences.