A chain link fence with pink flowers growing through it outside of a home.

How to Remove Your Old Chain Link Fence

Whether you purchased your home with chain link fencing or installed it yourself, it has kept your children and pets in and wild animals out. But now it’s time to remove your chain link fence and upgrade it with a new one. 

Luckily, removing an old chain link fence is a project you can complete independently. In some cases, you can remove the fence parts on your own without using any specialized equipment. As the leading experts in fence installation in Philadelphia, PA, we want to share the steps for removing an old chain link fence with you.

Preparation for Chain Link Fence Removal

Before removing an old chain link fence, we recommend removing any plants or other vegetation along the fence. It’s essential to complete this step before removing your chain link fencing, especially if vines are clinging to the side of the fence. 

Also, use a trimmer to cut the grass close to the fence. Remember that you’ll need enough space on one side of the fence to lay it down. Speaking of space, we recommend marking your workspace, whether you’re working alone or with a helper. 

Steps for Chain Link Fence Removal

Now that you’ve made the necessary preparations for removing an old chain link fence, ensure you have the necessary clothing and tools to disassemble your chain link fencing. The tools you’ll need include the following:

  • Safety gloves and goggles
  • Durable pants
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Wrench
  • Fence pliers
  • Buckets
  • Cable ties

Once you’ve gathered the necessary clothing and tools, you can remove your chain link fencing. Here are the steps for removing a chain link fence from your property. 

Step One: Remove Corner Post Clamps

First, remove the clamps that are holding the chain link fence up. They’re usually held in place with a nut and bolt, so you’ll need a wrench to remove them. Next, use a bucket to hold the removed clamps, bolts, and nuts. 

Step Two: Remove Tension Bars and Cut Fence Ties

Once you have all the clamps off the fence, start removing the tension bars. You’ll want to place these in the same bucket as the clamps, bolts, and nuts. Next, use heavy-duty or fence pliers to cut the fence ties according to the sections you marked when preparing for this project. 

Step Three: Lay Down, Roll Up, and Secure Sections

Once you’ve removed all the fence ties in an area, you can lay it flat, roll it up, and secure it with cable ties. If you don’t have enough space to roll up your sections on the ground, roll them up as you remove your fence ties. 

Step Four: Remove the Top Rail

Now that you’ve removed the chain link fence and have it out of the way, it’s time to remove the top rail. The top rail is usually a horizontal metal bar with caps. To remove a chain link top rail, slide it out. 

Step Five: Remove the Fence Posts

Most chain link fence posts are sealed in the ground with cement. Depending on how difficult it is for you to pull out of the ground, several methods are effective for removing a metal post.

Dig It Out

Use a shovel to dig up the ground around the post until you reach the concrete plug. Then, rock it back and forth until you can remove it from the ground. 

Use a Jack or Pole Puller

A farm jack and pole puller are practical tools for removing fence posts. How you use them depends on the type of line posts, but they’re standard for removing the chain link fence posts. 

Cut It

Use a reciprocating saw or angle grinder to cut the pole as low as possible. Then, sand the top part of the cut pole to smooth out the jagged metal parts. 

Chain Link Fence Post-Removal 

After you’ve removed the fence posts, your chain link fence removal process is complete. However, most residential garbage haulers won’t accept materials such as chain link bundles. Instead, you may rent a small dumpster or offer your fencing on a local social media page. 

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After removing an old chain link fence from your property, you’ll probably want to upgrade your fence. We have many options for new fences, including vinyl-coated chain link fences, wood fencing, and aluminum fencing. 

When you need a new fence after removing an old chain link fence, we can help you choose the best option for your property. We’re a friendly and professional fencing company in Chester County, PA, with certified fence professionals who take pride in their work. Contact us today to schedule your fence replacement!