What to Know Before Installing a Fence

When purchasing a new home, many buyers are more attracted to properties with residential gates and fences. Not only this, but we’re seeing a surge in popularity with aluminum fencing in Bucks County and surrounding areas. Did you know that aluminum fencing improves the aesthetic appeal of a home and can also offer a 65% return on investment? It’s true, and so are these facts to consider before you install a fence.

Maintenance Requirements Differ with Every Fencing Material

Materials such as wood require regular staining and priming to prevent them from rotting and falling apart. But aluminum fences require much less maintenance, and are affordable as well as durable. They will only need to be wiped down with hot soapy water once every few months to keep them looking as good as new. That’s not to say you shouldn’t consider wood; no other material is more versatile in terms of available styles.

Consider The Reasons You Require a Fence

Fences are a great idea for security and also to keep pets and children from escaping and roaming free on nearby roads. They’re also great for privacy from neighbors, or to keep an area contained for a summer barbecue or a winter get together. When you consider why you need a fence, then you’ll be able to look at the different materials available and pick the one that matches your requirements.

Think About The Climate

Where you live is also going to make a difference about what kind of fence you are going to get. Not all materials offer the same level of durability.  The fence you get all depends on where you live and how much natural wear and tear you are expecting it to undergo.

Consider the Neighbors

Having a fence gives you and your neighbors a sense of privacy, so they won’t mind you putting one up. However, if it’s too high and blocks off certain views or sunlight, they may not be pleased. Being considerate of your neighboring property is important when putting up a fence, especially if it’s going to go up along their property line!

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