Why Do I Need a Fence?

You may not think about it when moving in, but fences have a vital role to play in making sure you feel at home. There are pretty clear reasons for having a fence, such as for safety and privacy. However, as one of the leading fencing companies in Chester County, PA, we have helped people put up fences for a variety of reasons that aren’t always well-known.

Here are some of the main ways you benefit from a fence:

Safety and Privacy

Two of the biggest reasons – and perhaps the most obvious – why people put up a fence is to feel more secure in their home. Some fencing offers property owners the comfort of knowing they aren’t being watched by passersby, while other property owners may want to keep the dog in the yard. Fencing also helps keep out unwanted wildlife and trespassers, as well as small children who may be wandering near streets or bodies of water without supervision.

Hiding Unattractive Sights

While it might be a less well-known reason than safety or privacy, building a fence around your property can block unsightly conditions around your home. Whether it’s a neglected lot or a neighboring yard that has seen better days, the right fence can make sure that you can enjoy your property without having an unappealing backdrop.

Marking Clear Boundary Lines

While no one wants to be on bad terms with the neighbors, sometimes issues around who’s responsible for maintenance or who needs to pay for cleaning can cause bad blood between otherwise good neighbors. However, having a fence avoids this issue altogether, since marking a clear boundary between your property and others will eliminate any dispute before they have a chance to arise.

Noise Reduction

While it won’t eliminate the sound of a noisy block or the rumble of a train, having a fence installed helps reduce the amount of noise that you have to listen to while spending time in your yard.

Selecting the kind of fence you want depends on the reason you have for installing it in the first place. If you are looking to find out what types of fencing work for your situation, give Greenhill Fencing a call. We’re one of the leading fencing installers in Chester County, PA, and have the expertise to make sure that your fence meets your specific needs.