Why You Need a Pool Fence in PA


Owning a pool certainly comes along with a lot of responsibility! Whether you’ve recently moved into a home with an in-ground pool or you’re starting to think about getting one installed, it’s important to learn some information about the requirements of pool fences, and also how they help to keep your pool safe and clean.

Based on Pennsylvania State Law, here are the rules regarding your fence:

-Height: The fence must be at least four feet tall and the middle rail has to be 46 inches above the rail at the bottom. Any trained technician working for a fence company in Montgomery County, PA and its surrounding areas will know this.

-Spacing: Pickets must be four inches or less apart, and there has to be a four-inch space between the ground and the bottom rail.

-Entrances & Exits: The gate has to be self-closing and self latching, as well as open outward. Also, the mechanism used to open the fence needs a latch that’s at least 54 inches above the ground.

Now, let’s get into why those rules actually help you out:

-This is the number one reason why you need to surround your pool with a fence! You might not even have children of your own, but it’s likely that you live in an area with plenty of young families. On top of that, you probably have a lot of guests over, especially in the summer, since nothing is better than diving into a refreshing pool when it’s a scorcher. Simply put–installing a fence around your swimming pool helps to prevent tragedies. All it takes is only a few minutes of not paying attention for something horrible to take place.

-Depending on where you live, there’s a decent chance that your home is surrounded by some wild creatures. From deer, foxes and wild turkeys to geese, squirrels and rabbits, there’s probably wildlife living in your area that you wouldn’t necessary want near your pool. Certain animals could contaminate the water and the space surrounding the pool and, not to mention, some carry diseases. You probably won’t find your furry neighbors taking a late night dip, but it’s likely you’ll discover the mess they left behind

-Whether you’re cutting grass in the summer or blowing leaves in the fall, a fence will help you keep debris out of your pool area. Could you imagine always cutting grass right next to an unenclosed pool? It would be a disaster! Of course, you have to be very careful using a weed whacker or mower inside of the pool area, but if the entire space wasn’t sectioned off at all, then you’d be there with the skimmer cleaning small pieces of grass out of the pool the entire next day! Moreover, you can keep the majority of the leaves out of the pool area when you’re doing leaf cleanup in the fall.

Make sure you have a fence surrounding your pool! It will help prevent tragedies, animals from gaining entrance and debris from gathering around the pool; which are all stressful problems that are easily avoidable with a fence.

When you’re ready for a pool fence, contact a company specializing in fence installation in Bucks County, PA and its surrounding areas.