3 Ways to Keep Your Vinyl Fence in Great Shape


We already know that you love your PVC fence, so we’re going to show you how to make it stand strong and look fresh for many years to come! Here are three ways you can maintain the eye-catching appearance of your PVC fencing:

  1. Perform Annual Evaluations

Take a stroll along the fence line at least at least once a year to make sure that each post is stabilized in the ground. All sorts of saturating weather conditions can loosen posts and begin to jeopardize the integrity of the entire fence. You probably won’t be able to notice that a post is unsturdy until you closely evaluate its base and check to see if it moves when you touch it. If you find that any of them are loose, you should pack some dirt around the base or even consider using cement.

  1. Check the Caps

If any of the caps on top of the posts are loose or have fallen off, it’s important to secure them back into place. When cold temperatures arrive, water inside of the fencing can freeze at night and expand, causing it to crack. Don’t let something as simple as this destroy the alluring appearance of your fence! By using plastic fencing glue, you can secure the caps back into place and prevent moisture from entering into the posts.

  1. Cleaning PVC Fencing

One of the best features of a PVC fence is that you can easily restore its original appearance year after year. Start by spraying down the fence with a garden hose or pressure washer to remove large debris. Next, grab a bucket and fill it with water and all-purpose soap. You can then wipe down each post, picket and rail to remove dirt, grime, algae and other stains that have accumulated over time. Finally, rinse each panel to wash away the soap and check to see if you missed anything. Regular cleaning is something fencing companies in Delaware County and surrounding areas emphasize to customers after completing an installation.

Although PVC fencing is durable and easy to clean, don’t procrastinate on simple maintenance! Perform annual evaluations of the posts, check the caps, and clean your fence regularly to make sure it always has a sharp, smooth appearance.

Contact reputable fence contractors in Bucks County and surrounding areas like Greenhill Fencing Inc. if you’re interested in enjoying low-maintenance PVC fencing.