5 Ways to Keep Your Vinyl Fence in Great Shape


Maintaining a good first impression when guests come over to your house remains important for homeowners. When it comes to your backyard, your vinyl fence can go a long way towards making that first impression a great one. However, you’ll need to perform routine maintenance to keep that fence looking its best. 

We already know that you love your PVC fence, so we’re going to show you how to make it stand strong and look fresh for many years to come! Here are some ways you can maintain the eye-catching appearance of your PVC fencing:

Perform Annual Evaluations

The best way to know that something is wrong with your vinyl fence is to perform annual visual inspections. With the varied weather Pennsylvania experiences all year round, certain conditions can affect your fence and cause it to deteriorate more quickly than expected. All sorts of saturating weather conditions can loosen posts and begin to jeopardize the integrity of the entire fence. 

Different fence materials are affected by outside forces than others. When it comes to vinyl fence posts, you need to know what signs of damage to look for when doing an inspection. You probably won’t be able to notice that a post isn’t sturdy until you closely evaluate its base and check to see if it moves when you touch it. If you find that any of them are loose, you should pack some dirt around the base or even consider using cement.

Don’t Wait to Fix Damage

Sometimes you can notice damage to your vinyl fence before your yearly inspections. It could be a minor knick or something more substantial based on different factors. While you’ll handle the more significant damage quickly, you shouldn’t push off the smaller fixes either. 

Keeping your vinyl fence in peak condition requires being proactive with your repairs. Seemingly minor damage now can grow worse over time and become a bigger pain in your fence line. Having an experienced fencing contractor you can trust with these repairs helps prevent these issues from worsening.

Attack Mildew Growth Quickly

Based on the type of fencing you use, you need to be wary of different natural growths that can affect the aesthetics of your fence. During damp stretches, the moisture can lead to mildew growth on the panels, fence posts, and even underneath the rails. These are the areas where the sun doesn’t hit to help dry up the damp conditions.

Fortunately, you can attack the mildew growth with a mixture of warm water, laundry detergent, and bleach. This mixture can help you quickly wash the mildew buildup away.

Check the Caps

If any of the caps on top of the posts are loose or have fallen off, it’s important to secure them back into place. When cold temperatures arrive, water inside the fencing can freeze at night and expand, causing it to crack. By using plastic fencing glue, you can secure the caps back into place and prevent moisture from entering the posts.

Cleaning PVC Fencing

A stark white vinyl fence gives your fence and clean and defined look that can become the envy of all of your neighbors. However, the downside to a white fence is that it can quickly get dirty. For homeowners, incorporating washing your fence into your maintenance routine can help keep it looking at its best. 

One of the best features of a PVC fence is that you can easily restore its original appearance year after year. Start by spraying down the fence with a garden hose or pressure washer to remove large debris. 

The next step requires you to grab a bucket and fill it with water and all-purpose soap. You can then wipe down each post, picket, and rail to remove dirt, grime, algae, and other stains that have accumulated over time.

Your last step in the process requires you to rinse each panel to wash away the soap and check to see if you missed anything. Regular cleaning is something fencing companies in Delaware County and surrounding areas emphasize to customers after installation.

Although PVC fencing is durable and easy to clean, don’t procrastinate on simple maintenance! Perform annual evaluations of the posts, check the caps, and clean your fence regularly to make sure it always has a sharp, smooth appearance.

Contact reputable fence contractors in Bucks County and surrounding areas like Greenhill Fencing Inc. if you’re interested in enjoying low-maintenance PVC fencing.