The Pros and Cons of Aluminum Fencing

If you’ve decided to install a fence on your property, you might be overwhelmed at the sheer number of options you have available to you. From the rainbow of colors offered by vinyl fencing to the classic look of a white picket wooden fence, how can you decide which type of fencing is the best for your property’s needs?

Fence contractors in Montgomery County know that the best way to choose your fencing type is by comparing all of your material options and weighing the pros and cons. If you’re considering aluminum fencing, be sure to review some of the most important benefits (and drawbacks) before you schedule your installation.

  • Pro: Low maintenance. Aluminum fencing is an excellent low-maintenance choice for busy homeowners. Unlike wooden fencing, you won’t need to repaint it — and unlike chain-link fencing, it will never rust.
  • Con: Less privacy. Aluminum fencing isn’t the best choice if you want a tall privacy fence or a fence for security purposes. Most aluminum fencing doesn’t provide a complete barrier between you and your neighbors, which means that other materials can be better suited if you’re looking to preserve your privacy.
  • Pro: Easy to install. Aluminum fencing is easy to install on both flat surfaces and sloped yards. It can also effectively provide a pool barrier in nearly every type of lawn without breaking the bank.
  • Con: Not ideal for security purposes. Though aluminum’s low cost and lightweight design can be attractive for homeowners looking for a simple barricade, it can be a detriment if you’re looking for a fence to protect your property from intruders. Aluminum isn’t as strong as other types of materials (like wood or steel), which makes it easier for an animal or intruder to overcome.

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