Seven Fun Facts You May Not Know About Aluminum

The earth is filled with naturally occurring metals and minerals that humanity has mined and utilized across various uses for generations. Different metals lend themselves to a wide range of vessels that are used in everyday life. One of the most widely used metals and commonly found natural metals is aluminum. 

From bicycles to soda cans, you probably already know that aluminum has a significant effect not only on our economy but also on how we live our day-to-day lives. However, you might not know just how many roles this humble element plays in creating all of the products we depend on. Here are some fun and interesting facts about aluminum you might not have known.

Infographic displaying interesting facts about aluminum

It Is Extremely Reactive

When most people think about reactive elements, they imagine the massive explosions you see in science class in movies. However, the truth is that most elements on the periodic table that are particularly reactive don’t produce a significant effect when they bind with another element. Aluminum is a highly reactive metal that readily bonds with elements like oxygen and silicon, and pure aluminum is rarely found outside of laboratory settings.

Lighter Than Steel

One of the most significant knocks against steel comes from the heft of the material. Most types of steel, even after being utilized in a new application, will be on the heavier side when mined. However, aluminum has a weight that can be up to ⅓ less than steel. Aluminum’s lighter weight can help provide similar benefits to different manufacturers and prove to be easier to move and transport. 

Doesn’t Rust Like Other Metals

Other metals will rust over time due to the presence of iron in their chemical composition. Iron oxidizes when exposed to oxygen, which causes the material to rust and loses its structural integrity. However, aluminum does not contain iron and therefore will not rust.

It Has High Heat Resistance

When it comes to the heat resistance of metals, they tend to follow the rule that the heavier the metal, the more heat resistant it becomes. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and in this case, the exception is aluminum. 

Unlike other lightweight metals, aluminum features a high heat resistance that helps it be more adaptable across different applications. The metal has found a home in industrial high heat applications that require a greater heat resistance to prove beneficial. 

The Most Common Metal Found On Earth

Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on the planet — which is good news because it’s also the second most commonly used metal behind iron. From medicines to aluminum fencing in Bucks County, aluminum serves a wide range of uses that is difficult to replace.

It’s Incredibly Malleable 

One of the reasons aluminum remains a popular choice for everything from manufacturing to soda production, distribution, and everything in between comes down to its incredible ductile properties. This metal can be forged into a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet your evolving needs. You can use basic tools and moderate pressure to mold the material to your liking, and you don’t necessarily need to have industrial equipment for the manufacturing process. 

Aluminum Recycling Is Easy And Efficient

Aluminum is one of the easiest metals to recycle. Experts estimate that melting down recycled aluminum for new products uses about 20% of the energy required to mine new quantities. Professionals also anticipate that, as technology advances, aluminum will soon be 100% recyclable with no lost material during the melting process. If you needed another reason to recycle your old soda cans, here it is!

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