If these scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to get a fence

Although you might feel like you’ll be blocking out the world around you and boxing yourself in if you get a fence, sometimes you just have to make the wise decision of contacting a fence company in Montgomery County, PA. If any of the scenarios presented below ring a bell, it’s time to make the move:

“Hey bro, listen, I don’t want you to ever take this personally, but every time I come over your house, I swear I’m always leavin’ with some poison ivy or somethin’ on my legs.”

“What do you mean? Why what’s up?”

“All them bushes and weeds and overgrown crap in the backyard, man. Whether we’re runnin’ around with the dogs or playin’ some football, I’m always comin’ home with a burning red rash on my legs. I just got some again a couple Sundays ago. And I’m tellin’ you, bro, that stuff doesn’t go away for weeks…And it itches and burns and I just can’t ever stop scratchin’ it. It’s all over my legs, too, and it’s startin’ to climb all the way up to my…”                                                                    

Overgrowth in your backyard attacking friends?

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IMAGE SOURCE: https://tofof.com/backyard-pruning.html


 “Hey honey, where’s Sparky been? I haven’t heard him bark in a few hours…”

“I put him out on the line a little while ago, after work. Why?”

“I don’t see him out there…I don’t see him anywhere…”

Is your dog constantly escaping?

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IMAGE SOURCE: http://www.pxleyes.com/photoshop-contest/14007/running-dog.html


 “John, who’s that guy walking across our front lawn?”

“Mhmm…Isn’t that Blade—the guy that works at the rundown gas station across the street from the liquor store?”

“O maybe it is…But why’s he walking on our front lawn?”

Are there people trespassing on your property?


IMAGE SOURCE: https://www.colourbox.com/image/run-down-gas-station-image-15848713


 “So since you live so close to the street, don’t headlights shine through your windows at night?”

“Yeah, I mean they do…A lot, actually. It used to annoy us and prevent us from sleeping at night, but now we kind of enjoy it and it helps us sleep—for the most part. Sometimes, though, I’ll wake up and won’t be able to go back to sleep because the headlights shining through the windows shine right onto my face. I never thought this road was so busy! A car seems to pass by our house just about every thirty seconds, at least. It seems like we get the most sleep between about 12 and 5, when cars don’t really pass by our house too much. But after 5, it’s a whole different story. It’s like a disco in this place…”

 Live on a busy road and headlights keeping you up at night?


IMAGE SOURCE: http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/how-to/g106/10-safety-tips-for-driving-after-dark/


 When life gives you signs that it’s time to install a border around your property, contact fence contractors near Doylestown today, like Greenhill Fencing Inc.