Should I Go with a Wooden Fence?

Okay—we get it—wooden fences will eventually deteriorate, decay and die a sad, painful death after Mother Nature and the Elements all do a number on it. Saturating weather conditions will discolor it and cause it to rot. And insects will take up residence inside the little nooks and crannies and eat away at it from the inside out. As the years pass over, the bright yellow shade of freshly cut wood will gradually turn into a brownish, dark gray color. Wooden fences won’t last forever—you’ll see the rails, posts and pickets begin to lose their structural integrity and enter into their later years with less and less stability. It’ll never look as new as the day it was installed. From there onward, it’ll fight long and hard against the environment’s corrosive effects until it inevitably withers away and then decomposes into the ground.

Alright…Now that we got all that out of the way, it’s time to talk about the amazing life that your wooden fence WILL live before atrophy takes over. Of course, there are other fencing materials to choose from like PVC, chain link, steel and aluminum that’ll probably put up a much better fight against the environment, but what you don’t get out of those other designs is the alluring, natural-look of wooden fences. When you want to optimize your entire landscape (e.g. grass, trees, bushes, flowerbeds, gardens, etc.) wooden fences tend to blend in best. You’ll be supplementing your landscape with a fence designed with materials that come from the same family as those beautiful features that are already set into place. Greenhill Fencing Inc., for instance, a fencing company in Montgomery County, PA, understands the importance of installing a fence that enhances the appearance of a property instead of taking away from it…

Once you accept that any wooden fence design will one day fall victim to the temperature, pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation and insects associated with where you live, you’ll open up to enjoy the unique aesthetics of the most natural fencing materials. Whether you go with a lattice top, shadowbox solid board, post & rail or picket fence design, you’ll help to demonstrate your artistic touch and ability to seamlessly implement a purposeful structure near your home without ever taking away from the charming nature around it. When you contact fence contractors near Doylestown, PA, expert technicians will assist you in implementing a unique wooden fence design and layout that maximizes the appearance of your home, while also serving an important purpose. With the fresh wood scent and captivating appearance, you can rest assured that you won’t regret installing a wooden fence on your property.