How to Find Your Property Line

So, you have picked out the fencing material, style, and where you want it. Perhaps it is to enclose a pool or to section off a garden. Establishing those border lines are easy since they are most likely already on your property. But, if the fence is planned to travel along the yard, the property lines will have to be established. Identifying where your property begins and ends can be difficult to see with the eyes. Discovering your property line before the fence is installed avoids legal disputes and helps you determine your land from your neighbor’s.


We at Greenhill Fencing Incfence alone property. are one of the many fence companies in Delaware County that install a variety enclosures for residents. Therefore, we have assisted our clients with the process of choosing and installing a fence. Part of the process includes finding the property line. We list a few steps here that can be taken to discover where the border of your property lies.


Mapping Tools – Mapping tools that are available online will help you virtually see the property lines. Using the map, find landmarks and then measure the points to the property line to figure out the distance.


Deed – The property’s boundaries and measurements can be found in the description on the house deed. Using stakes to mark the lines, the property line can be established to see if it correctly matches the deed’s report.

property line

Assessor’s Office – Taking a trip to the Assessor’s office will allow you to get a more detailed map of your property. The dimensions on the map can help you mark your property line.


Surveyor – If you don’t have a survey of your home, a professional can come to your property and measure the yard boundaries for you. The homeowner will need to be present so that he or she can indicate the edge of the land to the surveyor. The cost for the surveyor will vary depending on the property size, location, and value.


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