Landscaping Ideas for Your Fence Line

At Greenhill Fencing, we’re often asked for suggestions on landscaping a fence line after completing an installation. As one of the most reputable fencing companies in Philadelphia, we’ve pooled together some ideas on fence line landscaping and created this piece as a resource for our customers. Below are some tips to help you decide on the best fence line landscaping ideas for your outdoor area.

Weed First

It can be tempting to dive into all your fence line landscaping ideas without preparation. But, before you plant along your fence line, it’s important to landscape along your fence. Remove any debris or brush from the area. If any weeds are growing along the fence, these will need to be pulled up and thrown away or composted. We also recommend using a weed trimmer to slice down grass and weeds next to the fence.

Let it Bloom

Some of the best fence line landscaping ideas involve aesthetic and curb appeal improvements to your back or front yard and wherever else your fence line extends to. Creating the right aesthetic is important, and you can create that aesthetic all year round. Different flowering plants can be used for different seasons, and there are plenty of options to line your fence panels.

Plant some ornamental grasses with poppies or hydrangeas if you would like blooming flowers near your wooden fence line. These perennials will look beautiful when they bloom in full force in the spring and summer months. Also, consider growing flowering herbs such as lavender and chives. Not only do they look great, but they also add a distinct aroma to your garden area that can evoke nostalgia for years to come.

Perennials are great summer options, as are Rose of Sharon and Bluebeard shrubs. But for the winter, you should consider evergreen shrubs that withstand the dog days of the winter. Evergreen shrubs and red twig dogwoods are great fence line landscaping ideas for a white vinyl fence, as it amplifies the color more in contrast to the dull winter settings.

Looking for a few more landscape plants to bring out your wood or chain-link fence? Consider any of these options, and how they fit within the aesthetic you’re looking to create:

  • Buford Holly
  • Gold Mound Duranta
  • Roebelenii Date Palm
  • Lorapetalum
  • Clusia
  • Sweet Viburnum
  • Podocarpus

Grow Your Own Vegetables

As well as planting ornamental plants, growing your own vegetables is a wonderful fence line landscaping idea. The fence line area is excellent for planting narrow, long vegetable garden beds. Your edible garden will make the space look authentic and functional as you use it to grow your own delicious food, giving you two times the benefits via one simple idea.

Consider Planting Pots

Decorative pots are an eye-catching and practical landscaping consideration for the fence line area. Make sure you align the pots evenly and consider using different colored pots to match any outdoor color schemes that you have going on. To add some more color and make the area more aesthetically appealing, grow several varieties of plants in the same pot.

Consider Adding Vines

If you have areas of your fencing where the wood is old or has begun rotting away, you might consider adding vines to your fence. Vines habitually grow upwards and scale whatever vector they’re planted on or in the general vicinity of. Adding green vines to your wood fence doesn’t only help cover up older or ill-maintained parts of your fence but also adds a classic touch of elegance to your lawn, which can be great for homeowners looking to create a more rustic aesthetic.

When considering which vines to grow in your yard, consider the type of fencing on your property and your local climate. Some of Pennsylvania’s favorite vines include moonflower, Cyprus vine, and morning glory. Each of these vines blossoms into beautiful flowers during the spring season. Just be sure that your planting area has plenty of sun exposure throughout the year, as vines require tons of sun to grow effectively. If you’re looking for an easier way to direct your vines to a specific part of your fencing, you may want to lay some chicken wire before planting to ensure that your design comes out the way you envisioned.

Decorate the Fence Line

Decorative garden fixtures such as solar lamps, metal lanterns, and accent features look great along a fence line area. However, try to pick up lightweight options as you don’t want to cause your fence to lean or sag. Additionally, make sure these fixtures are screwed into the wood securely. You can also choose intriguing accessories such as kids’ boots, bottles, or a cool mural to really help your fence stand out.

Leave Space For Company

Decorating an outdoor space can be tons of fun and add more personality to your lawn. However, you’ll need to be sure that there’s still plenty of room for guests and residents to safely navigate your yard after you’re finished. Set a clear path outside of your planting space and practice walking through it to ensure that you have enough room for your friends, family, and other guests to pass through. If you have outdoor furniture or seating near your fence, ensure that you don’t plant so far away from your fencing that it becomes unusable.

Don’t Let an Ugly Fence Get In Your Way

The best fence line landscaping ideas can help create a beautiful aesthetic while amplifying the best features of your yard and fence. But what if you have a really ugly fence? Whether it has extensive damage or just a fence that looks bad, growing plants that hide your fence can make a big difference. One of your best options would be turning to bamboo. 

Invasive bamboo will likely grow way too fast and create more maintenance problems than improvements to your fence line. Non-invasive bamboo is much easier to maintain and provides landscape design improvements by simply hiding your ugly fence. It will grow to its peak in one season and lasts throughout the cold. Be mindful that bamboo can grow upwards of 25 feet in a few years, but you will likely have given it a trim or two before it gets that high.

Renew Your Fences

You don’t want to forget about the condition of your fence before thinking about other fence line landscaping ideas. It’s the backbone of your fence line, so don’t negate its condition. Not every homeowner is fond of bamboo, and even the most colorful flowers and beautiful flower beds can only do so much for your fence. Consider upgrading from your old wooden or metal fences to one more suitable for your home. 

Power wash your fence to remove debris, weeds, and unsightly growths. Give your fence a good polish, and consider changing the color to something that contrasts your garden’s aesthetic. If you’re looking at dark green plants, consider a brighter complementary color that highlights your yard and doesn’t swallow up your plants, and vice versa. Either way, improving the condition of your fence is one of the most important improvements you can make to your fence line.

Another great fence line landscaping idea is to reach out to your local fencing company for help! Contact Greenhill Fencing, one of the leading fencing companies in Philadelphia. Our experts can show you how some of our most popular fencing styles create the curb appeal and beauty you’re looking for in your yard. Remember that your landscaping ideas are only as good as the fence behind them!